Thursday, March 31, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Well, I wasn't able to workout yesterday. Elijah is teething again and isn't feeling too great. He has a bit of a cold as well so he NEEDS me (which is fine because he likes to cuddle in his condition). Till next time...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Make it Monday

Since my baby is teething I wasn't able to post this yesterday. So, yesterday I made HERMITS. Yes, I know the name is funny but I asked Adrian what he wanted me to make and he chose Hermits. It makes about 30. Here is the recipe. 3/4 cup flour 1 1/2 tsps baking powder 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp grated nutmeg 1/4 tsp ground cloves 1/4 tsp ground allspice 1 1/2 cup raisins 1/2 cup butter at room temp 1/2 cup sugar 2 eggs 1/2 cup molasses 1/2 cup walnuts, chopped 1-Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line the bottom and sides of a 13x8 inch pan with wax paper and grease. 2-Sift together the flour, baking powder and spices. 3-Place the raisins in another bowl and toss with a few TBS of the flour mixture. 4-With an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs, 1 at a time, then the molasses. Stir in the flour mixture, raisins, and walnuts. 5-Spread evenly in the pan. Bake until just set, 15-18 minutes. Let cool in the pan before cutting into bars. Done. They weren't too bad. It really does help to place wax paper down before the mixture. So much easier. Till next time...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eli gets a new hat...

Here is the wonderful hat I received in the mail the other day (I won it). I don't think Eli liked it. It is a little big but I asked for a size from 15-18 months. I still think he is adorable in it. He probably likes the packaging more than the hat. Silly boy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New addition to Eli's room

I added the lamp which has been in our basement for many years. It definitely needed some dusting. I'll have to put some cute decor on the lamp shelfs.

My sister Cassie gave me the shadow box and I've had the sign since my baby shower. Also, I added the command hooks which work really well.

Here is where the new decor is located in case you have been inside Eli's room.

Overall, I love his room. Before Eli came along I hated this extra room but now I am a huge fan. I'm so glad we painted it blue. I'm sure I'll update his room again so stay tuned.

Workout Wednesday

Today I did The Biggest Loser The Workout 30 day jump start DVD. I did three 10 minute workouts that focused on abs and upper body. I also did cardio 1. Not bad! The cardio 1 was actually challenging. I decided to do the same DVD on Saturday since I do have it for a week. Side can rent DVDs from the library for a week. Anyway, it was fun. I love doing a different workout each week. I love the surprises.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make it Monday

Raspberry Sandwich Cookies

Yesterday, I made raspbery sandwich cookies. Now, they took me a little longer since I was juggling making dinner and looking after Elijah. So, I'm not sure if it was worth my time. They are tasty but Adrian didn't quite like them. Thank goodness!

Here is the recipe...Good luck!

1 cup blanched almonds

1 1/2 cups flour

3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter, at room temp

1/2 cup sugar

grated rind of 1 lemon

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg white

1/8 tsp salt

1/3 cup slivered almonds

1 cup raspberry jam

1 Tbs fresh lemon juice

1-Place the blanched almonds and 3 Tbs of the flour in the food processor or blender and process until finely ground. Set aside.

2-With an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Stir in the lemon rind and vanilla. Add the ground almonds and remaining flour and mix well to form a dough. Gather into a ball, wrap in wax paper, and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

3-Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line 2 cookie sheets with wax paper (will save time with 2-I only have one).

4-Divide the dough into 4 equal parts. Working with one section of the dough at a time, roll out to a thickness of 1/8 inch on a lightly floured surface. With a 2 1/2 inch fluted pastry cutter, stamp out circles. Gather the dough scraps, roll out, and stamp out more circles. Repeat with the remaining dough.

5-With the small end of a piping tip, stamp out the centers from half the circles. Place dough rings and circles 1/2 inch apart on the prepared sheets.

6-Whisk the egg white and the salt until just frothy. Chop the slivered almonds (I used the blender-so fast). Brush only the cookie rings with the egg white, then sprinkle over the almonds. Bake until very lightly browned, 12-15 minutes. Let cool for a few minutes on the sheets before transferring to a rack.

7-In a saucepan, melt the jam with the lemon juice until it comes to a simmer. Brush the jam over the cookie circles and sandwich together with the rings. Store in an airtight container with sheets of wax paper between the layers.

Let me know if you enjoyed this recipe. Thanks. Till next time...

Monday, March 21, 2011

2nd Play date

I watched Benjamin Fuller this morning so it was their second play date (at my home). We sang...I mean I sang the nursery rhymes. They basically looked at me like I was crazy. Then they both took their naps (well Ben almost took a nap). It was pretty fun. I'm so glad Emily and I help one another out especially when we both have dentist appointments. Too funny!

How to become a Giveaway Winner

Yes, I am a giveaway winner for not 1 but 3 giveaways these last two weeks. WHAT IN THE WORLD? How did I do it? I don't know. I guess I'm a little lucky. First, I won a $25 CSN gift card so I chose a storage bin and got it completely FREE. I love that word. Then I won a $50 Gap gift card from Then I found out I was the winner of a beautiful button strap newsboy hat from Two Larks Etsy.

Ooh, I can't wait to get my hands on the newsboy hat. I'm getting it in dark brown just for my little guy to wear. He is going to look so adorable.
So, what are my tips? First, go HERE to Whenever Collin posts a giveaway, enter it. You never know if you will win something. My sister also won from the same site. Then go HERE on Thursdays and enter as many giveaways as you possible can. Enter the giveaways with the least amount of comments. You have a better chance of winning. Only enter if you like the item or you may have something you are not satisfied with. Also, believe you will win. I know it sounds funny but seriously it works. Then, let me know if you won anything. Just a warning, it is addicting so watch out. Don't go crazy! Also, if you live in Utah, go to ladies night out at Deseret book. They give away a TON of prizes every 15 minutes from 6-8. It is well worth it. Also, if you get there early, you can score a free plaque or whatever they give to the firs 100 people. I go at 5pm and always get my free thing. After deseret book, head over to Roberts craft for the grand prize giveaway. Be sure to get there on time and check with your local Roberts craft store for details. They may do the giveaway early. So, there you tips on becoming a giveaway winner.

Christmas Advent Calendar

My talented sister, Cassie took these awesome photos

And, I took the last two photos. Hee hee.

I know...I'm a little out of control with all of the blog posting but I can't help it. I love sharing my new ideas and tips. I may end up posting "Make it Monday" tomorrow. But, don't worry, I'm making something yummy. I just hope it turns out. Anyway, here is what I've been up to in the knitting world. I made a couple of Christmas advent calendars for my moms friends. It was a really special request. I also posted the pictures on my other blog-Sweetly Made Just For You.

Another change to Eli's closet



Okay, I changed his closet one more time. I'm sure it won't be the last since I'm never satisfied. But, I did get those cute polka dot bins from Amazon. Yippee! I love them. His closet is so organized. I love it. It really does make me happy when things are organized. That is one of the reasons I decided to do a new series called, "Sweetly organize IT." Go HERE to see it. I will post this on one of the weeks. Anyway, let me know your fabulous organization tips.

72 Hour kit for baby


So, I finally started putting together a 72 hour kit for Elijah. I will also post this on my Sweetly Made (Just for you) blog next week. I started doing a new series called, "Sweetly Organize IT." Check it out HERE if you are interested. I will post something new each week. Anyway, if you are a new mommy, here is a list of the things to make a 72 hour survival kit.

First, I used the baby bag the Hospital gave me before Adrian and I took Elijah home for the first time. Try and find things around the house first and then buy a few items each week. I found most of the items and then went to Wal-mart and found some pretty sweet deals.

1-Goods for cleaning-Travel baby soap, lotion, Desatin or other diaper rash cream, baby powder, travel pack of wipes and a pack of wash rags.

2-More baby care items and first aid-sunblock, hand sanitizer, tissues (I put in boogie wipes), basic first aid kit, instant cold compresses (still need to get), baby ibuprofin and handwarmers ($1 for two/pack at Target's dollar section). I also added a Shout wipe (which I got for free), nose syringe (I have tons that I got from the hospital), surgical scrub and a cottonelle pack. Use those coupons because sometimes you can score things for free if you buy it in the travel items section. Also, if you go to the What a Woman wants show, you can score a lot of things for free such as hand sanitizer (shown below-Media one) or a fun frisbee. Be on the lookout for free items. They come in handy for these kits.

3-Comfort items-a few small toys, pacifiers (if your baby needs it), two blankets, burp rags, baby sling.

4-Feeding-3 bottles (fill them with purified water to provide extra drinking water in your kit), bowls with lids, spoons, formula (enough for three days-the ready made kind is perfect so you don't have to use a bottle), 4-6 water bottles and 3-6 jars of baby food (depending on age). I also added a couple of bibs.

5- Clothes-socks, hat, 2 jammies (I found these two jammies recently at Wal-mart-$1 each in the clearance section), onesie, mittens. Remember as you swap out their closets to put in the next size of clothes, to do the same for the survival kit. Put all of the clothes in a zip lock bag to eliminate extra space.

6-Diapers-You will need about 21 diapers. I also included a couple of burp rags, and a couple of trash bags for the dirty diapers.

7-Name tag/Emergency card-Lastly, add a name tag for the bag as well as a list of emergency contacts just in case. I know we have phone numbers programmed in our cell phone but my memory isn't brilliant so I added a card just in case.

Good luck and let me know how it goes. I wouldn't wait too long to get your baby a kit. You never know if you need it. I'm going to put the kit in my car so I'll be ready if I need it.

New pillows

Adrian, Eli and I took a trip to IKEA last Saturday in search for some new pillows. Mental note for next time...don't let Adrian carry Eli the whole time. Next time, bring the stroller. I guess he felt bad for not spending time with Eli so he wanted to hold him. Not a good idea! So, Adrian is tired of our old purple comforter so we are changing our bedroom colors to blue, white and brown. We bought a couple of the pillow covers for $6 each. Such a sweet deal! I used some of our couch cushions downstairs for the pillow covers. Perfect! Next, we will need a white comforter, bed skirt, blue lamp, and maybe some nice art work above the bed. It will just take some time to buy but at least we started on re-decorating. Yippee!

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday, Cassie and Claire came over to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Eli and I. Of course, Cassie took some awesome photos. I love how they turned out. I will definitely have to blow a couple of them up. We also were able to go to Roberts craft (one of our favorite store). We both had a 50% off coupon and I was able to get another 50% off coupon for choosing an easter egg at the counter. So, I had two things to use both 50% off coupons. That doesn't normally happen since you can only use one coupon a day except for Tuesdays (you can use two 40% off coupons). So, I scored another great deal. Thanks Cassie for coming. I love spending time with you and Claire. Oh and I knitted the fabulous green sweater that I'm wearing. Arn't I creative or what? Of coure it took me 3 months to do but it was worth it when it was finished.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Workout Wednesday

I don't know what I was thinking when I chose Jillian Michael's No more trouble zones exercise DVD. Really?? I am now super sore which is a good thing because I know that it worked. But, now I'm exhausted. It was pretty tough. She had seven six minute circuits which targeted shoulders, chest, arms, abs, back, legs, hips and glutes. It was about 50 minutes long. I wanted to shoot the two girls in the background. They kept smiling and doing everything perfectly. Oh well. I'll get there someday. Anyway, it is a pretty tough workout but Jillian does let you know what to do if you are a beginner. Thank goodness. Till next time...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Make it Monday

It is that time again to choose something delicious for "Make it Monday." Well, since it is St. Patty's day this week I made Blarney stones but that isn't all I made. Today, I'm making Irish Soda Bread since I've never made it before. Blarney stones are way too easy but equally delicious. So here is the recipe...

2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup whole-wheat flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 TBS butter, at room temp
1 1/4 cups buttermilk
1 TBS all purpose flour for dusting

1-Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease a baking sheet.

2-Sift the flours, baking soda, and salt together into a bowl. Make a well in the center and add the butter and buttermilk. Working outward from the center, stir with a fork until a soft dough is formed.

3-With floured hands, gather the dough into a ball.

4-Transfer to a floured surface and knead for 3 minutes. Shape the dough into a large round.

5-Place on the baking sheet. Cut a cross in the top with a sharp knife.

6-Dust with flour. Bake until brown, 40-50 minutes. Transfer to a rack to cool.

Only 6 steps. Easy peasy. Till next time...


Well, the week is starting off really well. I finished reading all five of the reader's choice books to earn a free book. I noticed in the free book selection that Julie and Julia was included. I read my last two books pretty fast since I knew that the book wouldn't last. Luckily, it was still there this morning when Eli and I went to the library. Perfect! It is in pretty good shape too. So, I was lucky to get the book for free for reading 5 reader's choice books. Yippee!

I also won a $25 gift card to Yippee! They have so many fun things. I entered a drawing at the Happy Scaps blog found HERE. So, now I get to find something that is $25 or below and hopefully get something with free shipping.

I just love free things. If you win a giveaway, let me know. I love hearing that my friends and family won as well. Good luck! You can't win if you don't try. That is the quote of the day.

Elijah sitting up all by himself

So cute, I can't stand it! (Yes, I color coordinated his toys with his outfit for the photo)

Love my boy

It is all about my boy! Isn't he adorable? Can you see his two front teeth?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Possibly FREE 50 page cardstock

You know me...I love free stuff. Anyway, if you have a Roberts craft in your area then go check it out before April 23rd. They are letting you choose an egg which has either a $1 off purchase, free cardstock or other fun goodies. I went today to buy some yarn and had forgotten about the egg that my sister told me about. Well, at check out the employee asked if I wanted to open one. Of course! I don't turn down a free deal. I opened one with the free 50 pages of cardstock. Nice! And I used the 40% off coupon on my yarn. They normally will have the coupons at the front of the store. I love it. Let me know if you go and get some fun freebies.

Just because he loves me...

Isn't he is so sweet? He knows what I like-carnations.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Okay, so since I'm doing "Make it Monday" each week, I need to start working off those yummy treats. Plus, I'm pretty sure I'm developing what is called a "muffin top." Yikes! I said it out loud. Plus, I haven't been too motivated to do any sort of work out. This will give me a chance to wear my Pure Detroit shirt which hasn't been worn for a long time. So, since the wonderful Sandy library has a fantastic DVD selection, I thought I would select a different workout DVD each week. I won't always stick to a DVD. Maybe I'll go out and run since I haven't done that for a very long time. Or, maybe Eli and I will go on a long walk. I know the first day will be hard but WE CAN DO HARD THINGS.

Anyway, the DVD I chose today is a 10 minute solution Kickbox bootcamp with instructor Keli Roberts. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow. Till next time....

Monday, March 7, 2011

My snow angel

Today it snowed so I made a snow angel...oh...I guess Eli made a snow angel. We didn't stay out too long because I was worried but it still was fun to show him what snow is. His outfit is one that Paige Reynolds used to wear so we were excited when Eli's nan brought it to us. Thanks again Anne.

Make it Monday

Today I made Cream Cheese Spirals. The name alone makes me happy. Yum! Here is the recipe to this delicious dessert...

1 cup butter, at room temp
8 oz cream cheese
2 tsp granulated sugar
2 cups flour
1 egg white beaten with 1 Tbs water, for glazing
granulated sugar, for sprinkling

For the filling
1 cup walnuts or pecans, finely chopped
1/2 cup light brown sugar, firmly packed
1 tsp ground cinnamon

1-With an electric mixer, cream the butter, cream cheese, and sugar until soft. Soft over the flour and mix to form a dough. Gather into a ball and divide in half. Flatten each half, wrap in wax paper and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

2-Meanwhile, make the filling. Mix together the chopped walnuts or pecans, the brown sugar, and the cinnamon. Set aside.

3-Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Grease 2 cookie sheets.

4-Working with 1 half of the dough at a time, roll out thinly into a circle about 11 inches in diameter. Trim the edges with a knife, using a dinner plate as a guide.

5-Brush the surfase with the egg white glaze and sprinkle the dough evenly with half the fillin.

6-Cut the dough into quarters, and each quarter into 4 sections, to form 16 triangles.
7-Starting from the base of the triangles, roll up to form spirals.

8-Place on the sheets and brush with the remaining glaze. Sprinkle with granulated sugar. Bake until golden, 15-20 minutes. Cool on a rack.

Elijah's before and after closet



Well, it isn't Martha Stewart but I did buy those brown bins for $2.48 each. Not bad! They were on clearance and you know me...I love a good deal. Now, I just want a couple of those polka dot bins and then I'll be satisfied with his closet. Just for his blankets and one for his hats, etc. Perfect! Well, I think it looks a lot cleaner. I have enjoyed decorating and organizing the home. I do take after Cassie and my mom. I love it!