Monday, September 29, 2008

What a Woman Wants Show

Mindy and I went to the What a Woman Wants Show here in Sandy, Utah. It was much better than the last show. Of course, we were able to score a lot of free things thanks to my charm and expertise in the field. I love free stuff! We got some lip balm, a recipe book, a Select Health bag (we didn't like the cheap Harmons paper bags-they were too bulky), a Select Health baby shirt, and a Select Health cosmetic bag, an ice scraper, candy, a red rose, a magazine, lotions, and a pad of paper. We didn't win anything else even though we signed up for many prizes. Oh well! You win some, you loose some. I did score a nice 15 minute massage which was exactly what I needed. I have a very stiff neck due to very bad posture. So if you ever need to buy me a gift, I would love a 60 minute massage. That is the perfect gift! There was also a free photo booth where we were able to goof around and act silly. We also sat through a KSL Halloween and exercise demo. Again, our ticket number was not read and we didn't win anything. However, I did end up buying a cute hat and flower. We sure had a great time! Thanks for going with me, Mindy! We will need to go to the next one.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you find the differences?

This is hilarious! Can you find the differences between the pictures? My co-worker, Cerra magically added someone to each picture. I was taking one of the pictures but she wanted me to be in it. I look like a white ghost. I didn't get out much this past summer. I don't have a pool or a free tanning booth anymore. Oh well! Anyway, I thought this would be fun to share. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boondocks Fun Center

The Qqest Payroll department (place where I work) went to Boondocks fun center last friday. We left at 2pm and drove a couple of miles to get there. We had a blast! We went on the go karts, bumper boats, played laser tag, minature golf, and won tickets at the arcade. My favorite was the go karts. I laughed so hard! Also, Mindy and I scored a hole in one at minature golf. That was way exciting! Lynne, Cerra, and I ended up staying till 8pm. It sure was a long day. It sure was fun to bond with co-workers. Thanks Lynne and Greg for making this adventure happen. Lets do it again soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy 65th Birthday Dad!

My dad turned 65 on September 5th but we didn't celebrate till September 12th. The day started off great because I had the day off to spend with my dad. I took him to Cafe Rio for lunch and then he showed me all 571 pictures of his vacation in St Lucia. What a fun time! Also, we were able to go to Nielsen's Frozen Custard Ice-cream shop which is our favorite. It didn't matter that we went three different times. The lady knew us by the time we left.

Also, my creative mom put together a surprise birthday bash at our local dollar theater. While I took my dad out, my mom and sister Tiffany got the cupcakes and any other last minute surprises. Later that night, my mom and I pretended that we were going to see Indiana Jones with Jason, Emily and the kids. Well, my dad was in for a big surprise. My mom rented out a movie theater for friends and family. There were a few people we didn't know. They must have snuck in. Oh well! We ended up seeing Indiana Jones so that wasn't a lie but we also got to see a slide show of Ronald Hal Roberts. It was perfect! And yes, Josh-it made me get a little teary eyed to see my dad all happy at his very own surprise party. Josh will now have something else to tease me about. Lucky me! Well, I wanted to wish my dad a happy birthday and hope he enjoyed the perfect day cause I sure did. Thanks Dad! And thanks mom for going to So Cupcake with me the next day. That was a lot of fun. Let's do it again next time! Love you.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have recently created a shop on to sell some of my christmas stockings. If you are interested, please visit my shop-SweetlyMadeJustForU. There are only two for now but hopefully I'll be able to find more time to design new stockings. Thanks for your interests.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

My new favorite show is Grey's Anatomy. I started watching Season One (thanks to the library)and I can say that I am now addicted. The characters are witty, intelligent, sexy, and charming and I have fallen in love with each of them. I think it is better than House and ER which is really hard for me to say because I love both of those shows. I can't seem to get enough of Grey's Anatomy and I am looking forward to watching Season five which starts on September 25th.

I didn't think I would like Grey's Anatomy. I was also confused why they called it Grey's Anatomy till I watched the first episode. Now I understand! My favorite characters are of course Dr Meredith Grey and Mc Dreamy. I hope they end up together. I think Christina is hilarious and will be one intelligent surgeon in the future. Izzy has her moments but since I've seen her in the movie, My Father the hero, I can't get past her annoying character. She can be a little immature. I love the strong authoritive character of Dr Bailey. She is a perfect leader for the interns. I'm not too keen on Addison Shephard and George but they are slowly making it onto my list of characters to watch.

My favorite line is from Dr Christina Yang. She said, "There are only three careers I've ever wanted in my life. 1-Ruler of my own planet, 2-Wonder Woman or a Surgeon. I don't see any invisible planes or extra countries lying around." That was a classic line! I just love Christina. She is hilarious! I would never want to be a surgeon and stick needles in patients but I wouldn't mind being Wonder Woman. One of my co-workers, Clark, has given me the nickname-Wonder Woman because he feels that I do a lot in the Implementation Department at Qqest Payroll. I do do a lot in the department and I have dealt with a lot of nasty and unhappy clients so I guess you can refer to me as Wonder Woman. Yes, I do like the sound of that.

Anyway, does anyone share the same love for Grey's Anatomy as I do? If not, go to the library and check out one of the seasons and I can promise you that you will love it. I sure do!