Monday, July 28, 2008

Reader's Choice Books

Did you know that if you read five reader's choice books from any Salt Lake City library, you can choose a free book? You can also get five chocolate kisses. Yes it is true. I finished the fifth one this past weekend and today I was able to choose a free book. I didn't recognize some of the books so it was a gamble. I ended up choosing Swapping Lives by Jane Green. It had a pretty cover and it sounded like a fun book. It is about a "single Londoner and a comfortable Connecticut mother of two who walked in each other's shoes for a month—one married with children, one single with a high-powered job—who wish to see how the other half lives, only to have the misfortune to get what they wish for. When Amber Winslow, a wealthy Connecticut housewife replete with wealthy husband, full-time nanny and golden retriever, grows tired of her town's vicious social scene, she responds to British magazine Poise!'s search for a subject to swap lives with one of the magazine's London editors, Vicky Townsley. Serious and successful, Vicky is longing for the husband and children she doesn't have. While both women leave home on a yellow-brick-road quest to find the missing piece of their lives—a sense of purpose for Amber, a suitable mate for Vicky—what they find instead is the saccharine obvious: they already have everything they really want." It already sounds like the movie, "The Holiday" and I loved that film. I am really excited to start reading. But first, I'll need to finish some of the other reader's choice books.

Another contest that the library is doing is if you read three books in June, July and August, you will receive a free book. I have one more book to read. Yippee! The books that I read from the reader's choice list are Whistling in the Wind, Odd Mom Out, Garden Spells, End of the Alphabet, and No time for goodbye. My least favorite was End of the Alphabet. It was a short book but it wasn't an attention grabber. My favorite book is between Odd Mom Out and Garden Spells. I couldn't put those books down. I couldn't wait to finish and find out the whole story.

If you didn't know this about me, I love contests that give away free things. Oh wait, I just love getting free things. So if you know of any contests in the area, let me know and I'll sign up. What books are you reading at the moment? If there are any that you are excited about reading, let me know. I can't wait to read Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I reserved it at the library. I am only #650. I may have to buy the book instead. Oh well! Only four more days till it is finally available for reader's to get sucked in. Can't wait!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day Off

Today I had the day off so I decided to go to Liberty Park which is located by Trolley Square. I rollerbladed around the park three times to get some exercise. Each lap was 1.25 miles so I felt pretty good afterwards. Then, I decided to walk around the middle of the park. The park houses the Tracy Aviary (which is a bird zoo I'll need to visit with Adrian), Chase Museum (free admission but it was closed), and the Seven Canyon fountain (a free and fun activity for children). You can also go swimming, play tennis, jog, ride your bike or play a quick game of Volleyball. Liberty Park is now among my favorite parks. I didn't appreciate the stinky garbage cans but at least the park is clean. Now, I think I'll go knit or read one of my library books. I love having the day off. What do you do on your day off?

Pioneer Day

It has been a Roberts tradition to make covered wagons for Pioneer day. I decided to make some to bring to the Lytle's big Pioneer celebration. The ingredients include fig newtons, life savers or hard candy, licorice, and marshmellows. White frosting is the glue to stick everything together. Assemble and enjoy! Yummy!
We went to the Lytle's for dinner and an exciting night of fireworks. There was also a DJ, bouncy toys, a water slide, a zip line, rock climbing, and sand volleyball. The Lytle's neighborhood really go all out for Pioneer Day. I guess it is an excuse to get together for the day. They even had a security guy at the gate given out parking passes. Crazy! It sure was fun to get together with family. I love holding all of the new babies and only wish one was mine. Well...that will come with time and lots of patience. Anyway, the firework show was awesome. I didn't expect it to be so great. They must have spent a fortune on all of the fireworks. It sure was a nice night. Thanks Cassie for inviting us to the Pioneer celebration.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Fishers of Men"

Last Sunday I was in charge of sharing time in Primary. I was a little nervous but way excited because I had a great lesson to share. I found the lesson on Click on LDS Living and go to Sunday Lessons. Find the primary section and look for the July Sharing time. Done! It was already outlined for me so I only had to prepare and present.

I shared the story of Christ calling the fishermen-Peter and Andrew. He had a very important job for them which was to be missionaries and teach the gospel to those around them. I told the children that they are going to be "fishers of men" so we went fishing. I found a pole, tied some yarn, and attached a magnet-instant fake fishing pole. I printed out a bunch of different fish from the internet and allowed the children to either catch the fish or go fishing. I had the pole, hat and a fishing net. They had to either answer a question or sing a song. The children were so behaved that it was hard to choose the most reverent ones. I think the children enjoyed my little sharing time lesson. If you ever need a sharing time lesson, visit the website and you will be all set.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things that made my day

There were two things that made my day today which may sound silly to some but not to me. First, I bought a cherry coke from the vending machine at work. I didn't just get a cherry coke, I also got a gatorade bottle. How exciting! Two for the price of one. I wasn't having the best day today since it seemed that I was having problem after problem with some of my clients. I'm not the world's greatest problem solver. I sometimes rely on others to help me solve my client's problems. I'm sure my boss is real excited about taking a couple of days off. I seriously have the coolest boss who is always willing to help whenever he can. Anyways, back to my day...The second thing that made my day was a phone call from a dear friend. Mary called to let me know she was thinking about me. I thought that was the coolest thing that she had called. I'm glad she did because I've been thinking about calling her as well. Sometimes, it feels really good to know that your friends still care about you. Thanks Mary for making my day. Thanks vending machine for giving me a second drink. That was awesome! It wasn't such a bad day afterall.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Bee's game and fireworks

Adrian and I went to the Salt Lake Bee's game and saw some amazing fireworks. We decided to park in the Wallmart parking lot which was a horrible idea. After the game and fireworks we walked back to our car. I noticed a huge dent on the passenger side. Somebody slammed their car door into our beautiful car leaving a nice mark. I hate Wallmart shoppers! They didn't even leave a note. Why would they! That would be ridiculous! We have had our car now for 18 months and have had the worst luck. Last year, somebody decided to run into Adrian and caused $10,000 worth of damage. Well, at least it wasn't our fault. In addition, somebody broke into my 1995 Honda Civic and stole my cd player. No more music for me. At least I don't have to drive very far. We have had enough! Hopefully, we won't have anymore problems.

4th of July Hike

Adrian and I went with the Lytles on a hike near Timpanogos. We saw two beautiful water falls. We even bought two matching camel packs to keep ourselves hydrated. We also brought our lunch to eat afterwards. And don't forget the twizzlers and beef jerky. Yummy!