Monday, July 28, 2008

Reader's Choice Books

Did you know that if you read five reader's choice books from any Salt Lake City library, you can choose a free book? You can also get five chocolate kisses. Yes it is true. I finished the fifth one this past weekend and today I was able to choose a free book. I didn't recognize some of the books so it was a gamble. I ended up choosing Swapping Lives by Jane Green. It had a pretty cover and it sounded like a fun book. It is about a "single Londoner and a comfortable Connecticut mother of two who walked in each other's shoes for a month—one married with children, one single with a high-powered job—who wish to see how the other half lives, only to have the misfortune to get what they wish for. When Amber Winslow, a wealthy Connecticut housewife replete with wealthy husband, full-time nanny and golden retriever, grows tired of her town's vicious social scene, she responds to British magazine Poise!'s search for a subject to swap lives with one of the magazine's London editors, Vicky Townsley. Serious and successful, Vicky is longing for the husband and children she doesn't have. While both women leave home on a yellow-brick-road quest to find the missing piece of their lives—a sense of purpose for Amber, a suitable mate for Vicky—what they find instead is the saccharine obvious: they already have everything they really want." It already sounds like the movie, "The Holiday" and I loved that film. I am really excited to start reading. But first, I'll need to finish some of the other reader's choice books.

Another contest that the library is doing is if you read three books in June, July and August, you will receive a free book. I have one more book to read. Yippee! The books that I read from the reader's choice list are Whistling in the Wind, Odd Mom Out, Garden Spells, End of the Alphabet, and No time for goodbye. My least favorite was End of the Alphabet. It was a short book but it wasn't an attention grabber. My favorite book is between Odd Mom Out and Garden Spells. I couldn't put those books down. I couldn't wait to finish and find out the whole story.

If you didn't know this about me, I love contests that give away free things. Oh wait, I just love getting free things. So if you know of any contests in the area, let me know and I'll sign up. What books are you reading at the moment? If there are any that you are excited about reading, let me know. I can't wait to read Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I reserved it at the library. I am only #650. I may have to buy the book instead. Oh well! Only four more days till it is finally available for reader's to get sucked in. Can't wait!


Reano Family said...

Dear Prize-winner,
Look at you reading so much! Congrats on the free book, and I hope you get an even better book for your next free one. You have definitely caught the reading bug.

Mandy said...

Man, I wish our library had a contest like this! You read so much, it always impresses me. As soon as I am done with Breaking Dawn (are you loving it?) I will get to reading your reading group choice.

McDaniel's said...

We must be related-I love free stuff too.
By the way, I'm reading Breaking Dawn right now & I'm half way through. I reserved it about 7 months ago from the library. If I finish it soon, do you want to borrow it? It's due at the end of August. If the kids ever give me some free time, I'll have a chance to read it!