Saturday, November 21, 2009

Qqest's Thanksgiving/ New Moon/ Birthday Feast

Since I was in charge of the Thanksgiving Feast, I decided that we should also celebrate the November birthdays and the premiere of New Moon. So, I got some BK crowns for Clark (he got a New Moon crown on his bday-Nov 19th), Jim, Ese, and Mark to celebrate their birthdays. Happy birthday! Mindy and I got the idea of the cupcakes for Clark's birthday since he is so into it. It is all he talks about. He sometimes goes by the name Edward. He is hilarious! So, Mindy made the Vampire cupcakes and I made the Wolf cupcakes (thanks to a great recipe on the internet). The feast was awesome. There was so much good food. Thanks to all of those who participated. Later that afternoon, 13 of us left work early to see New Moon at 2:45. I think we all loved the movie. Adrian and Steven even came to see what the fuss was all about. Of course, there were a few corny parts but who cares. I'm still a fan of Edward and will always be on his team (even though I made the wolf cupcakes). I can't wait till it comes out on DVD. Loved it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Malissa's Baptism

On October 31sth, Adrian and I attended Malissa Lytle's Baptism. We were so proud of her decision to be baptized. Way to go Malissa! We went to the Lytle's after wards for a soup and salad luncheon.

Since it was Halloween, Adrian and I watched Twilight that evening (Adrian's idea). He had never seen Twilight so it was perfect. I think he enjoyed it. Overall, it was a fun day. We only had one trick or treater so that was sort of sad but oh well. Maybe next year...

I'm famous!

Today, I checked out one of my favorite websites-Cathy's Closet and guess what...?? I'm famous. I sent in a picture of me in front of Lucille Ball’s star (taken in Orlando) to and my picture made the website. It wasn’t actually taken in Hollywood but it doesn’t matter. Here is the pic.