Thursday, May 20, 2010

32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks pregnant. There is only about two months left. Can you believe it? It has gone so fast and I feel like I'm not even ready for the big day. Yikes! We still need to paint the baby's room and get all of the necessary items. I'm sure nobody feels ready for their big day but I wouldn't mind being a little organized for our little guy's arrival date. July 15th is the expected date. I hope these last few months arn't too bad. I haven't been sleeping incredibly well lately. I guess I'm getting prepared but I wouldn't mind a good nights sleep once in awhile. I'm looking forward to meeting our son and bonding with him. Excitement! Well, if anyone has any good advice for me, please let me know. I need it all!

Wee Wee Wigwam

I finally made a Wee Wee Wigwam or a Pee pee tee-pee. Ooh, I just love saying it! It makes me laugh. So, if you are having a boy, the Wigwam will come in handy when changing your baby's diaper. I haven't used it yet but I'm sure it will work miracles. I found the pattern here if you are interested in making one yourself. I actually used a large Tupperware bowl instead of a cereal bowl. The cereal bowl made a tiny one so I decided to make mine a little bigger than the instructions. Good luck! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Happy 31st Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 31st birthday and it was absolutely perfect. In the morning, I was surprised by my husband. He made me a DELICIOUS breakfast. It was probably the highlight of my day. He has never made me breakfast so it was very special. When I was younger my mom would ask us what we wanted for breakfast on our birthday. It became one of my favorite traditions. So, I casually hinted to Adrian that he should make me some eggo waffles. I didn't expect him to actually go through with it. He even went to the store and bought bacon and cool whip and hid it from me. I had no clue! Adrian, you are my hero. I love you very much. NOT ONLY did I get a yummy breakfast, he even wrapped my gifts. Usually he will order my gift from Amazon and leave it in the wrapped package but not this year. Very impressive! He used tissue paper. I loved it! He gave me the New Moon dvd and the third book in the Hunger Games series. I can't wait until August when it is released and is shipped to me.

Next, my sister Cassie became my personal photographer. It was so much fun modeling for her. She took pregnancy photos of me at Gardner Village and it was a blast. Thanks Cassie! I can't wait to see the pictures. I'll show you her awesome skills once I receive the photos. We met Tiffany and Emily later to have a yummy picnic. Again Cassie used her skills and made a yummy chicken curry salad and carrot cake cupcakes (my favorite). It was so much fun hanging out with my sisters and sister n' law for the day. I'm so glad it wasn't raining and I had the day off. That was a bonus!

Later, I spent the afternoon reading, watching a movie, and making a Wee Wee Wigwam (pictures to come). Finally, Adrian came to pick me up for our fun date. We went to Macaroni Grill where I scored a free chocolate cake. I had the grilled salmon which was delicious but I was sad that I wasn't able to finish it. There just isn't room in my belly anymore. I hate that about being pregnant but the rewards of having a baby are far greater. Sooner or later I'll be able to eat all of my favorite foods and not feel full.

Overall, my birthday was awesome! Thanks for all of the fun cards, messages and love. Gardner Village even was celebrating my birthday. They were off a year but that is okay. I appreciated the thought. It truly was a special day. Happy birthday to me!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mr Potato Head

I decided to make my soon to be son a Mr Potato head out of felt. I think it turned out great! I know he won't be able to play with it when he is little but I'm sure he will enjoy it during church. I hope he likes it!

My first mother's day

Mother's day was special for me because I will be a mother very soon. I received another flower at church and enjoyed Adrian's mother's day card to me. I kept bugging him to buy me a card but I guess he was planning on getting me one. I guess I should have more faith in Adrian to take care of the little things. Later, Adrian attempted to make the dinner. I guess he never worked at Subway because his cutting skills are not up to par. I ended up taking over to finish the rest since he was sick. I told him he will have to make my mother's day dinner next year. I can't wait! I'm looking forward to being a mom. Happy mother's day to all of the mothers.

Mother's Day Gift

I told my mom that I wasn't planning on making another advent calendar since they do take awhile to knit. However, I decided to make them for my mom for mother's day since she loved them so much. I believe gifts that are from the heart are more precious than anything else. I think her advent calendar turned out better than the one I made for Adrian and I. So I may change mine up a bit when I get the time.

Happy Mother's Day mom! You are such a wonderful mother and I'm so grateful to have you in my life. Hope you enjoy my sweet gift.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy 32nd Birthday Adrian!

We decided to celebrate Adrian's birthday last night since there was more time to open his gifts and cards. I didn't mind! So, I let him open his gifts after we ate our meal. He received some awesome shirts, ties, and money from his mother. I gave him two cds and the movie Avatar. I think he liked EVERYTHING! Tonight, we will eat chicken curry (one of his favorite meals) and I'm sure he will open up more cards. Happy Birthday Adrian! I love you and am so glad that we can celebrate your birthday together.

Baby's room

After my baby shower, my mom came over to help me organize his room. It turned out so cute. I love it! I also have a recliner and rug. We are also thinking about painting the room blue so I'm looking forward to watching Adrian and Cassie did the dirty work. Obviously I can't paint but I'll be their support. :) The crib is small but my bedding actually fit since the bumper pad had several parts. I love his room! Thanks mom for helping me organize.

Baby Shower

Obviously, the theme of my baby shower was ducks since I love them!

Here are some cute decorations that my mom created.

I love the diaper cake. Also, notice the book I made to the right. It has pictures of my baby's ultrasound.

Here is me right before the baby shower started.

My nieces Emma and Malissa came to my baby shower too.

My cousin Christina and I are due in the same month.

Here is my adorable Grandma

Here are my awesome sisters, sister n' law, mom and Grandma who helped throw my amazing baby shower. Thanks!

My deseret book friend, Alyssa came to show her support.

My cool neighbor Keri came too.

Here is one of my favorite cousins, Elizabeth.

And my cool aunt Melanie.

Thanks Mary for coming to my baby shower. She is due in August. Hooray!

Tawnya and I-another one of my deseret book friends.

My co-worker Mindy came as well. Thanks so much!

My mom bought the baby's bedding (which I chose). I was so surprised!

Dia and her cute baby received ALL of my attention since she came to the "after" party.

She is adorable!

Last Saturday my mom, sisters and sister n' law threw me a wonderful baby shower. There were games, food, presents, and loads of talking. It was perfect! I loved the duck theme. I sure hope my little guy loves ducks so one day we can go feed them in the park (a GREAT memory). Thank you so much for the awesome shower. I loved it! Later my mom organized the baby's room and it looks awesome. Thanks again to all that helped make the day special for me and my son.

BYU Women's Conference

Last Friday I went to the BYU Women's Conference with my mom, sisters and sister n' law. We had such a wonderful experience. I especially loved the talk titled “A Merry Heart Maketh a Cheerful Countenance." It was hilarious! It is always a great idea to laugh especially at ourselves. It sure was hard to sit for the whole day but I made it through as a 29 week pregnant woman. I'm so glad we had the opportunity of going for a day to the Women's Conference. I'm sure this is a tradition we will continue to have together.