Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Shower

Obviously, the theme of my baby shower was ducks since I love them!

Here are some cute decorations that my mom created.

I love the diaper cake. Also, notice the book I made to the right. It has pictures of my baby's ultrasound.

Here is me right before the baby shower started.

My nieces Emma and Malissa came to my baby shower too.

My cousin Christina and I are due in the same month.

Here is my adorable Grandma

Here are my awesome sisters, sister n' law, mom and Grandma who helped throw my amazing baby shower. Thanks!

My deseret book friend, Alyssa came to show her support.

My cool neighbor Keri came too.

Here is one of my favorite cousins, Elizabeth.

And my cool aunt Melanie.

Thanks Mary for coming to my baby shower. She is due in August. Hooray!

Tawnya and I-another one of my deseret book friends.

My co-worker Mindy came as well. Thanks so much!

My mom bought the baby's bedding (which I chose). I was so surprised!

Dia and her cute baby received ALL of my attention since she came to the "after" party.

She is adorable!

Last Saturday my mom, sisters and sister n' law threw me a wonderful baby shower. There were games, food, presents, and loads of talking. It was perfect! I loved the duck theme. I sure hope my little guy loves ducks so one day we can go feed them in the park (a GREAT memory). Thank you so much for the awesome shower. I loved it! Later my mom organized the baby's room and it looks awesome. Thanks again to all that helped make the day special for me and my son.


Lytles said...

Great pics! The shower was fun! I'm looking forward to seeing your little baby!

Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Thanks for the fun time! I'm glad you invited me. The ducks made such a cute theme.