Friday, January 28, 2011

First time at the movies

On January 26th my mom, Eli and I went to the movies. It was his first time and probably his last for awhile. Although he loved the previews he didn't like sitting in the dark. I tried feeding him but he screamed so my wonderful mom took him out. She had seen Tangled so she said she didn't mind bonding with her grandson. So, I sat and thought what a terrible mother I was and wondering where Eli and my mom were. I did enjoy the movie but felt guilty for not being with my son. It wasn't the greates idea we had especially since he had gone to the doctors in the morning. That didn't help either! I guess we learn as mothers to be better. I won't be doing that again, that is for sure.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photography Appointment- 6 months old

I had a photography appointment with my talented sister, Cassie last week. Again, she did a fantastic job. She didn't take a ton since Eli wasn't happy but the photos she took turned out so well. Thanks again for taking his photos. I guess it is easy when Elijah is so adorable. Yes, I am biased and I'm also his mother.

January = Snowman Party

Last week, I had a snowman party at my house. It was fantastic! If Cassie wasn't there, it wouldn't have been a success. She helped out a lot and I appreciate it. There were three stations-Games, Crafts and Treats. The children made snowman cupcakes, cards and we played three different games-Don't eat Frosty, Pin the carrot on the Snowman (I put this together last minute) and Dress the snowman. I think they enjoyed the games the best. This may be a yearly tradition. I have enjoyed being a homemaker. I get to enjoy time with Eli, Cassie, Tiffany, Emily and their wonderful children. It is the best job ever (even if Adi thinks I don't do anything all day)! Sometimes it feels like the day goes by but remember that Elijah still eats every two hours for about 30 minutes. So...there isn't much to get done during the day. Anyway, stay tuned to our next party in February. I'm sure we will have a ton of fun.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Party with Christine, Dia and Stephanie

Eli and Benjamin

I had the awesome opportunity of watching Benjamin last week while Emily took dinner to a lady in our ward. So, I entertained the boys. Of course, this was the only look I got the entire time. They just stared at me while I made a fool of myself. I sang, laughed and even tried tickling them. Oh well, at least I tried...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

6 months old

Our little guy is 6 months old. Wow! He is getting old. Elijah loves putting his feet and fingers in his mouth. He also loves his mommy. He loves attention and has the most adorable blue eyes. Adrian thinks they are gray but I still think they are blue. Eli also starting to teeth so his shirts are normally all wet by the end of the day. His mommy has enjoyed cuddling the last few days due to his discomfort. Happy 6 months!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Congrats to Adrian

Adrian got a new job! Hooray! I am offically a stay at home mom. There is no more worry, no more crying, and no more pressure in asking Qqest for more work. Yippee! Adrian started his orientation yesterday but is officially starting his new job today at Zions Bank. I am thrilled! I have enjoyed being home with Eli. Although, yesterday Eli was not happy. I believe his teeth are coming in. He was in tears for most of the day so I was there to comfort him. I love when he puts his head on my shoulder. Isn't motherhood grand? Well, I am so proud of Adrian! Way to go. Thanks for supporting us. We love you!

Christmas Evening

We made dinner for the Lytles, Roberts, and Anne on Christmas Day. It was fantastic, well, except for the fact that I forgot that Ryan and Ashley don't eat ham. Whoops! At least they had a huge lunch. It sure was fun having almost everyone over at our home. We also played rockband and later went to Tiff's for some dessert and games (Family feud). Ryan, Ashley, Adrian and I won the Christmas version of family feud and I even played in the final round which is NOT normal for me. Too much pressure! Anyway, it was a fun evening. Don't you just love being around family during the holidays? I have enjoyed living near my family and it looks like we are going to be here for another five years or so...

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was perfect! It was Elijah's first Christmas, the weather was nice and we got to spend time with Anne. Eli and I were waiting awhile for daddy to finish wrapping gifts. Who wraps gifts on Christmas morning? I had all of my gifts wrapped for weeks. Anyway, it was a fun day and we took our time. I had a few surprises for Adrian and Anne so I was excited for them to open their gifts. I bought Adrian a snuggie which he LOVES. I also got him a cd, cookbook, and another game. Santa went out of control this year and gave me Eclipse, Ghosts of girlfriends past, 500 days of Summer, Beauty and the beast, and Hes just not that into you. I also got loads of candy. Wahoo! I also got some perfume and Thomas S Monsen's biography from Anne. I gave her a photo book of Elijah, a knitted hat and a hanging sign. I love doing surprises. It was a lovely morning. What was the highlight of your Christmas day? Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!