Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January = Snowman Party

Last week, I had a snowman party at my house. It was fantastic! If Cassie wasn't there, it wouldn't have been a success. She helped out a lot and I appreciate it. There were three stations-Games, Crafts and Treats. The children made snowman cupcakes, cards and we played three different games-Don't eat Frosty, Pin the carrot on the Snowman (I put this together last minute) and Dress the snowman. I think they enjoyed the games the best. This may be a yearly tradition. I have enjoyed being a homemaker. I get to enjoy time with Eli, Cassie, Tiffany, Emily and their wonderful children. It is the best job ever (even if Adi thinks I don't do anything all day)! Sometimes it feels like the day goes by but remember that Elijah still eats every two hours for about 30 minutes. So...there isn't much to get done during the day. Anyway, stay tuned to our next party in February. I'm sure we will have a ton of fun.

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Lytles said...

You were the best hostess! I loved how you were so organized and prepared! It really made the party a success. Thanks for everything!