Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Goals

Yearly Goal: Earn an Honor Bee

If you don’t have a clue what an honor bee is, I’ll tell ya. The personal progress book states, “The honor bee charm was historically given to young women who were willing to do more than was required. To continue your progress, you may earn an Honor Bee to accompany your Young Womanhood Recognition medallion.” To do this you must read the Book of Mormon and complete a total of 40 hours of service. It also says that it will take about a year so that is a perfect goal for 2010.

Write in my journal everyday on pregnancy progress

Continue to read the reader’s choice books and pregnancy books

Attend the temple once a month till July

Monthly Goals:

January-Since this month is the time to get back into shape and start a new exercise program, I thought it would be perfect to start now. Of course, I’ll have to modify the exercises I do since I’m pregnant but I’m sure I can manage. It will also benefit me and my baby.

February-Express love and appreciation to Adrian everyday. After all, this is the month of love.

March-Do as the Lepricons do and save every penny to get the gold at the end of the rainbow. Spend less than $50 or $40 a week on groceries. Since Adrian is in his busy season, this may be a little too easy but it is a great goal to complete. Also, start saving for a 72 hour kit for Baby Reynolds.

April-Listen intently to General Conference and write notes on ways I can improve my life. Practice those things during the month of April.

May-Since this is one of the best birthday months of the year, I would like to remember birthdays. I will start early in January by writing down all of the birthdays I know on my calendar. I will then make an effort to buy cards or give my friends/family a call on their special day.

June-Relax! Check out some Yoga DVDs at the library. One more month till Baby Reynolds comes so be sure to take time and breathe.

July-Have a healthy baby! Pray everyday that Baby Reynolds will be healthy and happy.

August-Update photo albums and start a Baby Reynolds journal.

September-Memorize all of the Young Women’s names and the Young Women’s scripture. Practice calling them by name to remember.

October-Update 72 hour kits. Make sure Baby Reynolds has one.

November-Update Christmas card list.

December-Go to the Humanitarian Center and provide service. Be sure to call ahead of time to schedule a time that will work with my busy life.

Baby News Celebration

Last Sunday we invited some of the couples from our Crescent 2nd Ward to help celebrate our baby news. Although the time/day was moved a billion times, we finally settled on Sunday evening. We had fun eating all of our Christmas goodies and talking. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our baby news. Keith and Keri even brought some apple cider for a toast. It was also fun to have Emily and Jordan, Laura, Rusty and Rush, and Carly and Neil. Thanks for supporting us on our journey towards parenthood. Love you all.

What have we been up to?

Last weekend was so much fun because I got a day off and got to hang out with Adrian. We managed to complete two puzzles-London and Festival of Trees. It didn't take us too long. Not too bad! Our other puzzle that we bought a couple of years ago is incredibly hard so we gave up and bought these fun puzzles from Costco. I highly recommend them.

We also were able to spend some quality time with my the Roberts, McDaniels, some of the Lytles and Emily's family. We celebrated New Years Eve at my brother, Jason's home. It was a lot of fun. However, I wasn't myself since it was late and I was so tired. It was still fun to be around family during the holiday. Well, I ended up staying awake till 11:30. I remember Adrian telling me, "Happy New Year." I also heard kids running around outside but I was out. Oh well! I guess New Years Eve is overrated unless you go to a restaurant, drink and dance all night. Overall, it was a fun weekend. I loved relaxing and sleeping in. That was probably the highlight since I work full time. Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve. Hope 2010 is awesome!

12 weeks and counting

7 weeks12 weeks

I have become one of those pregnant ladies who love to just talk about babies all day long. Yes, it is out of control but I am just really excited that it finally happened. If you are in that position right now...I only can reach out to you and say that it is all in Heavenly Father's time table. It may be hard but it is all for the best. Be strong because it will get better soon.

So, here is a picture of me at 7 weeks and one at 12 weeks. There isn't too much of a difference but it is still fun to pose for pregnancy pictures. Also, I probably should have worn the same outfit. Woops! I guess I don't know the rules. Oh well.

I am feeling great! I feel very blessed and lucky at the moment because I haven't been sick. I threw up twice or 1 1/2 times according to Adrian. However, if I don't eat, I do feel funny so I quickly grab a snack. I feel like I'm always eating. Hopefully baby Reynolds is enjoying what I feed her/him. I am incredibly tired at night but mainly I'm not too bad. Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable especially eating lunch or dinner but it all passes and I look forward to changing into my Pj's after work. Well, I am incredibly excited and I'm sure the time will cruise by. I have so much I want to accomplish. Yikes! I better get a move on it. Until next pregnancy update...