Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moving Day

Here are a few of our helpers. Our friends Dan and Kathryn, Mindy, Steven, Mason, and our brother n' law Josh were able to help us. Thanks again for all of your help. We really do appreciate it. Of course, Emilee got to drive the Penske truck which was very enjoyable for her. We are almost all moved in. We are looking forward to having Emilee's mom organize our home to perfection. Thanks mom!

We love our new home!

Here are a few photos of our 4 plex condo. I added a picture of our kitchen, master bedroom, and living room. We can't wait to move the rest of our things in and start our new experience. We have already met our new neighbor, Don and a couple in our ward. We are really excited!

On our way home from England

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It is all about family

The London England Temple

Adrian, Melanie, Stefan, and I went to the London England temple on Tuesday morning. It was a wonderful session. An older man opened my door and after I thanked him, he said, "My pleasure!" He was a cute English man. We were all glad to be in a lovely place.

Raj Kumar Indian Restaurant

We all went to Raj Kumar's Indian Restaurant which was near Swan Walk. We had the whole restaruant to ourselves which was perfect for screaming children. Yippee! The food was perfect and of course we enjoyed our Peshawari Naan and Papadams. Yummy!

Gotta have some fish n chips

We love our niece Paige!

Horsham, England

Adrian and I went to Horsham England to be with his family. His dad is very ill and has been in and out of the hospital for quite some time. It was a last minute decision since Robin was in a coma and had had a stroke. We were able to visit with him and enjoy being with the rest of the family. In addition, we were able to see a little of Horsham. During our stay we had beautiful weather. We were able to see the Horsham parrish church and walk along Swan walk. Overall, we had a wonderful time.

Welcome to Elko, Nevada

Adrian went to Elko, Nevada for a week and a half and had a very interesting experience. He described Elko as a hole. Please notice the sign below and you will understand. He will have to go back in January and live the whole experience all over again. If you want more details, ask Adrian and he will be glad to describe his time in Elko.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

And the award goes to....

...Malissa as our cutest princess!

Malissa's 6th Birthday

I went to Malissa's 6th Birthday party last week. She had a dress up party with all of her close friends. I was really impressed with the decorations, organization, and stations. Cassie plans her parties well in advance to make it special for her children. She is a wonderful party planner! I hope that someday I'll be able to do what she does for her kids. There were three stations that the children could go to-nails, hair, and crafts. Cassie and I were in charge of the hair station and I think I did exceptionally well. Tiffany was in charge of nails and she made the children pay them (fake money of course). Jennifer was in charge of the craft table which became a success when the printer worked. Cassie used her photography skills by taking their picture in front of a castle. The children were able to decorate frames to put their picture inside. It was a very creative idea. After all of the stations, we had a fashion show. The children modeled their cute outfits, hair, etc. I think Adrian is still upset because he wasn't able to go. He probably would have loved it. It was a great party!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Update on our home

Today I went to see the new wood floor and it looked amazing. The wood color is called rustic hickory and it brightens the kitchen. I am so excited and can't wait to move in. I don't really like moving but I'm excited to live in a new area with new neighbors. We hope that you all will be able to see our new home. We may even have a house warming party in November. I will let you know.