Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun times with Eli and friends/family

Hey everyone! I know it has been awhile but Eli and I have had a lot of fun lately.

Last week was very eventful.  It went something like this...

Monday-Picnic at the park
Tuesday-Park city outlets (Adrian took the day off)
Wednesday-Library story time
Thursday-Wheeler Farm with Emily & Jaymeson, In n out with "T T," Emily & Jaymeson
Friday-Red Butte Gardens (FREE DAY)

Jaymeson and Eli taking a stroll at Wheeler Farm

Eli loved all of the animals

They especially loved feeding the ducks. Some lady gave us a piece of bread (Eli mainly ate it) but he did share a piece or two with the ducks...or at least I thought he did.

The boys even matched. I guess I didn't get the memo about wearing stripes

Eli' loved the fountain at Red Butte Garden. Yes, he was wearing a coat because it was freezing. It actually snowed a little bit while we were there. Good thing I remembered to bring myself a coat.

There was a fun little maze for the kids to run through.

Overall, it was a fun week.

What will we do this week?

So far, we went to the Aquarium (Eli loves the "Ish.") and the park.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Utah Shake Out

Today is the Great Utah Shake Out which is a state-wide earthquake drill and preparation exercise where an expected 850,000 “Utahns will “drop, cover and hold.

Last night for FHE, I decided to do a prep course. I used this lesson found {HERE}. I printed it out and used my paper cutter. I did a scavenger hunt. I read the first step and then we had to go find a "cool" place which was the fridge. Eli was having a ton of fun. At each place, I would read the cutout to my little family. Afterwards, I showed Eli a box which was suppossed to represent our "house." It had beans inside. I shook it and pretended that there was an earthquake. I took Eli under the table to demonstrate "drop, cover and hold." Adrian just watched from afar. I guess he was too cool to participate.

Anyway, it was a fun little FHE and it lasted longer than five minutes. Wahoo!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Car wash and Mommy and me group

This week has been pretty eventful. Eli and I went to the Aquarium, library and even washed the car. Tood bad it rained yesterday. Oh well, at least we had two nice days to enjoy.
Eli's friend Beck came over and joined in on the fun. They both got pretty wet.

Yesterday, we had Mommy and Me Group at my house. We have it once a month and there are about 12 of us (and growing). We missed those that weren't there. My friend, Emily and I were in charge. We did a swim party and Easter Egg hunt. I forgot to take photos of the kids finding the eggs. I was too busy helping Eli find his eggs. The eggs had grapes, peanut butter crackers, goldfish and jelly beans. It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect!

Jaymeson and Eli-Best buds

It looks like they are up to something...

Thanks everyone that came. It was a ton of fun.
Till next time...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We hope you all had a wonderful

This year was Eli's first time participating in an Easter egg hunt so it was especially fun for me.

On Saturday, we went to Galena park in Draper. My sister, Tiffany told me about it so I thought it would so much fun. It was but it sure was cold. Brrrr!

I got this cute shirt from Whoopdwhoop found {HERE}. Join if you want, it is free and fun.

Eli loved the Easter bunny.

And he was introduced to Elmo which is called,  "Wawe."

Here we were waiting to get started. Eli was in the 1-3 age group. There was a sign that said that parents couldn't go inside the circle. Some parents got mad because other parents went in. Come on, they are young and need our help. Eli wasn't sure what to do at first but once I told him and encouraged him, he caught on.

Eli filled his entire bucket. My sweet grandma painted it for him. Of course, it has ducks on it.

Eli's favorite part was seeing the fire engine.

An Easter egg hunt wouldn't be complete without a snowman. Huh? Darth Vader was also there.

Then we headed to Home Depot and the bunny was there as well. Wow! He sure is busy. Kids can also make a project on the first Saturday of each month so we met my sister Tiffany. Of course, Eli wasn't interested but I grabbed an apron and a message board set to make later. He kept following the Easter bunny. It was really cute!

Here is my cute son in his Easter outfit. I found it at Target. The clip on tie was only $3. Wow!

Daddy and Eli had matching shirts. So cute!

We had my Grandma over for Easter dinner. It was a very yummy dinner complete with ham, funeral potatoes, pineapple, salad, strawberries, rolls and bunny cupcakes (looked like deformed cats).
Overall, it was a nice Easter day. We even had family over and that doesn't happen very often on Easter Sunday. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.