Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Utah Shake Out

Today is the Great Utah Shake Out which is a state-wide earthquake drill and preparation exercise where an expected 850,000 “Utahns will “drop, cover and hold.

Last night for FHE, I decided to do a prep course. I used this lesson found {HERE}. I printed it out and used my paper cutter. I did a scavenger hunt. I read the first step and then we had to go find a "cool" place which was the fridge. Eli was having a ton of fun. At each place, I would read the cutout to my little family. Afterwards, I showed Eli a box which was suppossed to represent our "house." It had beans inside. I shook it and pretended that there was an earthquake. I took Eli under the table to demonstrate "drop, cover and hold." Adrian just watched from afar. I guess he was too cool to participate.

Anyway, it was a fun little FHE and it lasted longer than five minutes. Wahoo!

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