Monday, December 28, 2009

How many different ways can I say...


Surprising Adrian with a plan...
I took the digital pregnancy test a day before Thanksgiving. Adrian came home after I took it so I decided to plant the test and the cute Daddy rocks bibs in our bathroom for him to find it. Well, I didn't realize that the test would turn off after an hour. LAME! I waited till he FINALLY used the restroom. When he FINALLY came out, he was all confused. He asked me if I had taken the test and I said, "Yes, I'm pregnant." I guess he didn't believe me so I had to take another one for him to see the results. I thought that was really cute.

Telling the parents

I always wanted to do something incredible for my mom and dad. So, I set it up so that we could pick them up at the airport. It was perfect! They didn't suspect a thing. I either wanted to have a huge sign or have an employee announce it over the loud speaker. I wanted to make a huge production. Well, I decided to do the sign so I held it up and I was super nervous. They FINALLY came and when they greeted us, my mom got it right away. She was very surprised. It took my dad a couple extra minutes but I kept holding the sign up so he could see it clearly. It was hilarious! They both hugged us and it was probably one of my favorite parent moments (besides going to the temple for the first time). It was precious, simply precious.

Next, we needed to tell my siblings/spouses
Ryan and Ashley had announced that they were expecting a baby in August. They had Kennedee wear a shirt that said, Future Big Sister (Back was August 2010). So, my mom and I had an idea to make a new shirt that said, Future Big Cousin and have Kennedee wear it around till my siblings and their spouses got it. It was awesome! We actually gave the shirt to Ashley and I told her I had made her a new shirt since the one she had made got destroyed. She was very convinced that I had done a good deed. She finally understood that it wasn't for her baby but for mine. It was absolutely perfect. She cried and I cried. She was so happy for us. It has taken us more than a year and Ashley and Ryan had been praying for us so it was so perfect. We finally had Kennedee wear the shirt and Ryan was the first to realize that it was about me. Everyone else figured it out and we couldn't stop talking about baby this and baby that. Okay, so that was another one of my favorite moments of all time.

Relief Society good news minute

I was so nervous but knew I needed to share some good news. I also got very emotional about telling everyone, it was pretty ridiculous. After CarolLee Wright told the ladies that her daughter was expecting her second child, I raised my hand and said, "And I'm expecting my first and I'm very emotional about it." Of course I was crying. You have no idea what an emotional roller coaster I have been on over the last couple of years. It was priceless to see my friend, Emily Fuller's face. She couldn't believe that I had lied to her about seven times. I also lied to Sister Oakey when she flat out asked if I was pregnant. Everyone was so excited for me! Then I went and told the Young Women. I am the Mia Maid adviser but I wanted to be in Relief Society with my mom to announce it to all of the ladies. So, I had ditched YW's but knew I needed to tell them before their mom told them.

Telling Keith and Keri Smith

Since Keri wasn't in Relief Society, I needed to tell her in a special way. I decided that since she had played a game called Name that tune on my answer machine one time that I should do the same thing. I got to leave her a message that went something like...
Hey Keri, I wanted to play a game with you. It is called Name that sound. This is what Adrian wanted for Christmas. I held out our stuffed dog and had it wolf a couple of times. Then I said, "But, he didn't get that." This is what I wanted for Christmas...Adrian had gotten me an Eeyore stuffed animal for Christmas. The ears crackle and it rattles. So, I did the two sounds and went Wahhhh, Wahhhh. And I got it! Call me.

Announcing to my co-workers

I created a poem for my co-workers. I put the poem on red and blue cardstock paper.

I am as small as a fig

And I live within

Week by week I grow big

My mommy hopes I’m not a twin

Can you guess the jiggity jig?

Or is your mind beginning to spin?

One more clue I have to give

Is the month I start to live-


And last but not least-sharing this on my blog

SURPRISE! I sure hope you are surprised. I'm just sad that I couldn't do something creative for everyone I know. Well, we are excited to announce the happy news. Life will not be the same for us come July 14th (or whenever the baby decides to come). However, we are truly grateful.

Christmas Day

This was our first Christmas alone in our home. It was perfect! Adrian and I woke up at 7am to open our stockings and gifts. We slept by the Christmas tree again this year since we had so much fun last time. It has been a fun tradition. We were pretty much done by about 7:30 or so. Of course Adrian got Rock Band which had been opened a couple of weeks ago. I also bought him a book, cd and some DVD's (Black Knight, Yes Man, and Ironman). Adrian bought me the hair straighter I wanted. I also got a Boppi and the Hunger Games book. Overall, it was a wonderful day and it had just started.

Later, we were expecting to feed about 12 people in our tiny home. We invited my parents, the McDaniels and the Roberts. We were very limited on the amount of people we could have in our home. It really gets overwhelming. This was the first year we attempted to make a turkey so it was exciting to try out a new recipe. In the end, the turkey was very moist and perfect according to our guests. It seemed a little cold since we didn't have a warming tray for it. However, we kept the mashed potatoes, parsnips, carrots, corn, and stuffing warm in our warming trays so most of the dinner was awesome. It sure was fun to play host and hostess. After dinner, we played Christmas bingo and the Christmas Song Quiz. Then we had dessert (Cheesecake factory cheesecakes, pumpkin pie, No no's and fudge). Yummy! Finally, it was time to rock out on our new Rock Band game. I sang a few songs and then opted out to watch the three girls running around trying to destroy everything. We better baby proof our home soon. Yikes! I loved having everyone over but I was pretty tired by the end of the night. I always love Christmas and am so glad that family was able to visit us on Christmas Day. I love you all. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner at the LytlesAll of the babiesBecca and Kennedee

Adrian and I enjoying the Christmas Eve ProgramHere we are again!All of the kiddiesMy sexy model husband

This year we had our Christmas Eve Dinner at the Lytles home in Pleasant Grove. It was fantastic! There were many surprises and fun. We enjoyed the Christmas program that Cassie and Tiffany put together. It was so organized. The nativity is always my favorite part because the children get to act out the different parts of the story. I am so grateful for such a wonderful family. I love my family and have enjoyed living close to them. We love you all and hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well.

Also, that night we opened our new pj's we bought for each other. I love this new tradition we have started.

Larry H Miller Christmas Singalong

Last Monday Adrian and I went to the Larry H Miller's Christmas Singalong in Salt Lake. I took Trax with my parents, Jason and a few of his kids and Tiffany and a few of her kids. We ended up meeting Adrian at the Energy Solutions Arena since he works downtown. We had a blast especially trying to sneak in to keep warm. There was an unlocked door downstairs and we didn't want to stand in line so we snuck in. Hee hee! We aren't used to the cold. We are Californians. It didn't seem like anyone minded that we took the elevator and made ourselves at home in the Arena. Good times! Also, we enjoyed the free hot dogs and drinks and all of the food that my rich brother bought. I felt foolish with my "treat" bag. Oh well! It was the thought that counted. We also got free Jazz and Bee's tickets as well as popcorn. Sweet deals! Overall, the singalong was a lot of fun and we even got to hear Jon Schmidt who was amazing. I'm already looking forward to next year. Let's do it again!

Salt Lake Temple Square

Adrian and I went to Salt Lake Temple Square with some of the McDaniels and my parents. It was way too cold to be outside but we did it anyway. What were we thinking? However, the lights were beautiful so I can't complain too much.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festival of Trees

A Christmas Story
I love lucy
Sweet girl
All about Nutcrackers

This year Adrian and I went to the Festival of Trees together. There were so many beautiful trees and some not so pretty (University of Utah-yuck). Ah, just kidding. I know a few people that are a Ute. We also saw some amazing Gingerbread houses. I couldn't believe my eyes. I love this time of year to celebrate the birth of Christ. Some of the trees were dedicated to a family member. I just wish there was a program that explained all of the trees. They could get a lot of money from selling them. Anyway, I'm so glad we went this year. Thanks Adrian for going with me this year. I am looking forward to spending Christmas with you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweet little visitor

Last night we had a visitor in our home. Adrian heard some scratching outside so he opened the door and a miniature poodle came into our home. We thought it was one of our neighbors. It was a stray. What were we supposed to do? Leave it outside in the cold? No way! So, we let the little mut in. At first, he growled at us because he was scared and obviously didn't know us. However, once I picked him up (yes, I'm the brave one in the family), he was fine. He actually liked me more than Adrian which was funny. But, he got used to Adrian and let him rub his tummy. We didn't know what to do with him. It was time to sleep so we put him in our bathroom and shut the door. That didn't work. He kept barking. He obviously wanted to roam around and see his new world. So, we left the door open and he roamed around ALL NIGHT LONG. I'm not kidding, he didn't want to sleep. We both didn't sleep well but it was still fun to have a visitor. This morning, Adrian called the animal rescue center and they came to our home to take away the dog. However, while they were here, the stupid owner came. How can one not take care of their dog? He is very irresponsible and according to my husband, "he should be shot." Adrian loves animals especially dogs. The poor dog needed some serious grooming and he was missing some teeth. So sad. I think he liked being at our house. Well, some day Adrian will get his very own dog and we will treat him/her with kindness. At least we were dog owners for one day. I will miss that dog.