Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let it snow...

Let it snow...or not. I know Adrian hates the snow but I think it is so pretty as long as I'm inside cuddled up with a blanket and book. I love seeing snow fall. I love this time of year. I get to wear warm sweaters, gloves, knitted scarves (I've made myself a few to choose from), hats, coats, etc. I know....call me crazy but it is fun to have four seasons. It is a little bit of a drag to get ready for the day but it is also exciting. Does anyone else love the snow or am I the only crazy one? At least I look at the bright side of things...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Decorating

Santa's little helper, Adrian and I got to decorate our home last Saturday. I always love to decorate as long as Adrian helps out. We have so many decorations! I'm still not finished. We need to put up the lights outside and mail out the Christmas cards. There is so much to do and Christmas is right around the corner. Yikes! We better hurry!

A walk in the cold...

On Saturday, Emily and I took our boys out for a walk around the neighborhood. It was freezing! However, we got to bundle up Benjamin and Elijah and enjoy time together. This is their second play time. Arn't they adorable in their little snow outfits?

Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010! It was Elijah's first Thanksgiving and he actually slept through dinner. I woke him up from his super long nap to take some pictures. It was a nice Thanksgiving. It was just the three of us. Our meal was delicious (thanks to Adrian) and it was nice to just relax. Hopefully, we can go to California next year to stay warm and shop at H&M. But, I heard that some Californians were cold. Ha! It was freezing here in Utah. Anyway, hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday).

I'm ready for the snow!

Elijah is now ready for the snow with his adorable bear outfit that Anne bought him. Isn't he so cute!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Last night Elijah slept from 9:30pm till 7am. Wahoo! I can't remember the last time that I slept all the way through the night. I hope he does it again tonight. We shall see...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gilt Groupe

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your friends or family, check out Gilt Groupe here. There are a lot of cute items and you may end up getting a $20 credit if you sign up. I signed up and am getting a gift for Elijah for Christmas. Hooray! I love free stuff.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Go Fish

Yesterday, Eli and I went to the pet store for our 3rd EAOTD (Eli's Activity of the day). I showed him the fish, birds, cats, rats (gross), mice, and hampsters. It was a lot of fun. We even came across a dead fish. Ew gross. It was quite sad and I think its friend was either trying to eat him or felt sad for him. I'm not sure. Anyway, it has been fun doing new activities with Eli.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eli's Activities

Today I made Eli an activities jar. I know he is only 4 months old but I thought it would be fun to try out different age appropriate activities. It also motivated me to find the activities. I found all of them at babycenter.com. Yesterday, we did flashlight dance. I turned out the lights and we sat on the bed. Then I shined the flashlight beam slowly over the walls and ceiling. Eli got a kick out of it especially when I placed the flashlight on his belly. It was pretty funny! What activities do you do with your children?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Utah Women's Show

On Saturday, my friend Mindy and I went to the Utah Women's show at the Sandy Expo Center. It was totally worth the $5 and next time we will get in for free since I have a contact now. This is what I scored at the show and tell me if it was worth my time and money. First, I won a 55 piece Allen Industrial tool set. I also got a frisbee, some candy, a loaf of bread, hotdog buns, mug, post its, pen and two recycled bags. Some lady won the bread jackpot so she took home about six or seven loafs of bread.

It was a fabulous show! There were new vendors and I'm getting better at saying, "No, I am not interested in hearing your ten to fifteen minute speech on your product." I had a blast with Mindy. Thank you so much for inviting me. It was so fun. We will have to go again.

First Rice Cereal

On Saturday, we fed Eli for the first time. On the menu-Rice cereal. Yum! Last night, we fed him again and I think he is getting the hang of it. He was one messy baby. We will work on keeping the food in his mouth and not on his bib tonight. Way to go Elijah! We love you. Next item of business-Sleeping through the night. He has not mastered that and he thought it would be fun to wake up several times last night. Boo!

Eli and mommy

I love this photo! He was pretty tired and rested his head against my shoulder. Such a tender moment!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moved out

It is official! I moved Elijah's crib out of our room. He still doesn't sleep through the night. But, I'm hoping we will all get better sleep or at least Adrian will. He woke up A LOT last night. He was doing really well. Well, maybe I shouldn't eat any of the Halloween candy. That could be it. Anyway, we shall see tonight if it was a good idea.

We voted!

Yes, it is true! Eli and I voted yesterday. It was actually pretty easy. We went to Sandy Ridge Community Church and there were less than a dozen people present. I didn't even wait in line. The volunteers were super nice and even gave Eli a sticker. So cute!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! On Friday, we went to Adrian's office to trick or treat, make carmel apples, win prizes, eat, take photos and mingle with his co-workers. It was fantastic!
Then Halloween finally came and we were able to go to not one but two houses. It was cold but Elijah had a warm monkey suit so he stayed nice and toasty. Here we are ready to go trick or treating. Adrian and I went across the street to two of our friends homes. Also, we had a total of four trick or treaters. Either our neighborhood is not popular or more and more children are going to homes they know. Well, I guess we scored more candy this year! We also were able to go to Jason and Emily's for a yummy dinner. That sure was fun! Thanks again. Happy Halloween!