Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Woman Wants Show-April

This year Mindy and I went to the What a Woman Wants show on Friday and Saturday. Of course, we had free tickets thanks to a co-worker who sells Avon. Well, we had to go on Friday so we could get the free goody bag full of stuff. It wasn't quite what we were expecting but it was a free Go Green Harmons bag so we couldn't complain. We ended up staying for about an hour. I bought the cute white hat as shown above and Mindy bought some cute matching ties for her husband and son. Oh, and we couldn't pass up the yummy almonds. We spent most of our time on Saturday at the show. We both won prizes thanks to a scrap booking and photo design booth. We also dodged a couple of booths (not including the lame eye glass relaxing booth-not relaxing at all-I finally had to take my glasses off so I wouldn't have a headache the rest of the day), bought more almonds, and enjoyed a couple of shows including the Grocery Guru. We had a blast and enjoyed spending time together. Thanks again Mindy for going with me. Can't wait till September!

Easter Egg Cakes

This year we had Easter Dinner with the Roberts and some of my sister n' law's family members. I had bought some food for a quiet Easter Dinner with Adrian but Jason called me and invited us to dinner. I couldn't pass it up. We haven't seen the Roberts since the reunion and I wanted to hear about their fun Hawaii trip. I decided to make some Easter egg cakes so I busted out my cake supplies and came up with these two cakes. Of course, they were delicious! Who doesn't like chocolate cake? We did have a great time being with family. Thanks Jason for inviting us to your lovely home. We appreciate it! Easter is such a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of our Savior. He has made it possible for us to live again and I am truly grateful for Him.

Lexie's Baptism

One of my primary children, Lexie Johnson got baptized on April 11th. I was so proud of her decision to be baptized. She is a wonderful example to me. She is adorable! I am so excited that she took those steps toward becoming more like her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Way to go Lexie!

Easter Egg Hunt

Another year has passed and it came time to have another Lone Peak Park Easter Egg Hunt. I started a tradition with the McDaniels to attend the Easter Egg Hunt and try to win awesome prizes. Last year, Zachary won a gift basket but this year we did not have much luck. We still had fun and Becca had a great big smile on her face the whole time. She even posed for pictures which was awesome. Also, this year the Strength team did not come so we were a little disappointed (Go Strength team, Go). However, we had a blast eating free hot dogs and hanging out together as family. Thanks Tiff for going again to the Easter Egg Hunt with me. It wouldn't have been fun without you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Hat for Lia

Here is another picture of one of my knitted hats. I knitted one for my friend Mindy's daughter, Lia. I love how it turned out. She looks darling! If you are interested, let me know or visit my other blog at

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretty in Pink

This has been a favorite picture of mine for a long time. I decided to make Paige one of my knitted hats when she was younger (2006). It was quite small for her and she ended up yanking it off right after I took the photo. It was perfect timing on my part. I miss the Reynolds and wish they were coming to visit us. They were planning on coming in two weeks but a couple of things came up. Well, we will need to plan a vacation soon so we can visit them. Love you guys!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ladies Night Out

Tonight I went to Deseret Book for Ladies Night Out. First, they were giving away cute wood frames that states, "Home is where your story begins" to the first 100 people so of course I had to be there. I went at about five thinking that I would get my frame and leave. However, they weren't giving them out till six. I was able to get a slip of paper indicating that I would receive a frame if I waited around an hour. So, I grabbed the first available seat and waited. I ended up a couple of people who actually attend the Ladies Night Out twice a year (General Conference weekends). They knew the ends and outs of the evening. I was a newbie so they gave me some pointers. First, I goofed by putting my name in first and I didn't even think to fold the piece of paper for the giveaways. Well, it didn't matter because luckily my new friends had my back and got one of the employees to fold each of the pieces of paper in the container. Yes! I still had a chance of winning a nice prize. The evening was from six till eight so of course I had to stay in order to receive a prize. They drew about 10-20 names every fifteen minutes so I had a chance. One time they asked for some dancers to perform in front of everyone. Of course I raised my hand. Foolish! I probably looked like a fool. I was up against a girl that could do an Irish dance. No joke! She was good. I didn't have a chance and of course I was embarrassed. What was I thinking? Well, I got a prize anyway. We both did. It was awesome. I got a book called Sister to Sister by Marilynne Todd Linford. A couple names later they called me and I won another prize. This time I won a cd from the motion picture The Dance (never heard of it) but I thought it was hilarious and odd that I won a cd called The Dance after I made a fool out of myself. I had my new friends cheering me on (even when I was a terrible dancer) so that made me a little less nervous.

Well, the night was almost over. My new friends and I decided to check out Roberts craft store because they were having a ladies night out too. I went last year and won a prize as well. However, they didn't give out as many prizes as Deseret Book but we still wanted to win. Tawnya actually won a cute grandpa frame. It was one of the most interesting and hilarious nights I've had in awhile. I laughed a lot. Can't wait till next ladies night! If anyone is interested in going in October, let me know. Heres to a fabulous evening. Cheers!