Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ladies Night Out

Tonight I went to Deseret Book for Ladies Night Out. First, they were giving away cute wood frames that states, "Home is where your story begins" to the first 100 people so of course I had to be there. I went at about five thinking that I would get my frame and leave. However, they weren't giving them out till six. I was able to get a slip of paper indicating that I would receive a frame if I waited around an hour. So, I grabbed the first available seat and waited. I ended up a couple of people who actually attend the Ladies Night Out twice a year (General Conference weekends). They knew the ends and outs of the evening. I was a newbie so they gave me some pointers. First, I goofed by putting my name in first and I didn't even think to fold the piece of paper for the giveaways. Well, it didn't matter because luckily my new friends had my back and got one of the employees to fold each of the pieces of paper in the container. Yes! I still had a chance of winning a nice prize. The evening was from six till eight so of course I had to stay in order to receive a prize. They drew about 10-20 names every fifteen minutes so I had a chance. One time they asked for some dancers to perform in front of everyone. Of course I raised my hand. Foolish! I probably looked like a fool. I was up against a girl that could do an Irish dance. No joke! She was good. I didn't have a chance and of course I was embarrassed. What was I thinking? Well, I got a prize anyway. We both did. It was awesome. I got a book called Sister to Sister by Marilynne Todd Linford. A couple names later they called me and I won another prize. This time I won a cd from the motion picture The Dance (never heard of it) but I thought it was hilarious and odd that I won a cd called The Dance after I made a fool out of myself. I had my new friends cheering me on (even when I was a terrible dancer) so that made me a little less nervous.

Well, the night was almost over. My new friends and I decided to check out Roberts craft store because they were having a ladies night out too. I went last year and won a prize as well. However, they didn't give out as many prizes as Deseret Book but we still wanted to win. Tawnya actually won a cute grandpa frame. It was one of the most interesting and hilarious nights I've had in awhile. I laughed a lot. Can't wait till next ladies night! If anyone is interested in going in October, let me know. Heres to a fabulous evening. Cheers!


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

I love the frame! I'm glad you were able to get it. Your dancing story made me laugh; you are one brave girl. We need to hang out again, outside of work. See you Monday!

The Lytles said...

Good job Emils! I took the girls to the mall and it was crowded. We also visited Grandma while we were down there so we didn't have a chance to check out Dessert Book and Roberts Craft. Emma was disappointed that we didn't go so maybe we'll go with you in the fall.

Cerra Hawkins said...

I've never heard of that tradition, but it sounds great. Glad you had a fun time.