Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Woman Wants Show-April

This year Mindy and I went to the What a Woman Wants show on Friday and Saturday. Of course, we had free tickets thanks to a co-worker who sells Avon. Well, we had to go on Friday so we could get the free goody bag full of stuff. It wasn't quite what we were expecting but it was a free Go Green Harmons bag so we couldn't complain. We ended up staying for about an hour. I bought the cute white hat as shown above and Mindy bought some cute matching ties for her husband and son. Oh, and we couldn't pass up the yummy almonds. We spent most of our time on Saturday at the show. We both won prizes thanks to a scrap booking and photo design booth. We also dodged a couple of booths (not including the lame eye glass relaxing booth-not relaxing at all-I finally had to take my glasses off so I wouldn't have a headache the rest of the day), bought more almonds, and enjoyed a couple of shows including the Grocery Guru. We had a blast and enjoyed spending time together. Thanks again Mindy for going with me. Can't wait till September!


The Lytles said...

Looks fun! Great pictures! Love the glasses!

the Roberts said...

Dear Adrian,
Just a reminder that your gorgeous wife is having a mildstone birthday very soon. If I don't read all the awesome details of parties, and celebrations on this blog.......I will hunt you down. Just kidding. Emily I hope your every desire is recieved for your big 30.
love ashley