Friday, January 28, 2011

First time at the movies

On January 26th my mom, Eli and I went to the movies. It was his first time and probably his last for awhile. Although he loved the previews he didn't like sitting in the dark. I tried feeding him but he screamed so my wonderful mom took him out. She had seen Tangled so she said she didn't mind bonding with her grandson. So, I sat and thought what a terrible mother I was and wondering where Eli and my mom were. I did enjoy the movie but felt guilty for not being with my son. It wasn't the greates idea we had especially since he had gone to the doctors in the morning. That didn't help either! I guess we learn as mothers to be better. I won't be doing that again, that is for sure.

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Jesse, Mary, and Jordan Booth said...

Wow, I'm proud of you for even trying. That's ambitious! I'm sure he lasted longer than Jordan would have. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Eli is always in good hands with your mom and I'm sure she appreciated the time with her grandbaby.