Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day

It has been a Roberts tradition to make covered wagons for Pioneer day. I decided to make some to bring to the Lytle's big Pioneer celebration. The ingredients include fig newtons, life savers or hard candy, licorice, and marshmellows. White frosting is the glue to stick everything together. Assemble and enjoy! Yummy!
We went to the Lytle's for dinner and an exciting night of fireworks. There was also a DJ, bouncy toys, a water slide, a zip line, rock climbing, and sand volleyball. The Lytle's neighborhood really go all out for Pioneer Day. I guess it is an excuse to get together for the day. They even had a security guy at the gate given out parking passes. Crazy! It sure was fun to get together with family. I love holding all of the new babies and only wish one was mine. Well...that will come with time and lots of patience. Anyway, the firework show was awesome. I didn't expect it to be so great. They must have spent a fortune on all of the fireworks. It sure was a nice night. Thanks Cassie for inviting us to the Pioneer celebration.


Jamie said...

I love the wagons. What a cute idea.

Beth said...

Very creative. Good idea!