Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Fishers of Men"

Last Sunday I was in charge of sharing time in Primary. I was a little nervous but way excited because I had a great lesson to share. I found the lesson on Click on LDS Living and go to Sunday Lessons. Find the primary section and look for the July Sharing time. Done! It was already outlined for me so I only had to prepare and present.

I shared the story of Christ calling the fishermen-Peter and Andrew. He had a very important job for them which was to be missionaries and teach the gospel to those around them. I told the children that they are going to be "fishers of men" so we went fishing. I found a pole, tied some yarn, and attached a magnet-instant fake fishing pole. I printed out a bunch of different fish from the internet and allowed the children to either catch the fish or go fishing. I had the pole, hat and a fishing net. They had to either answer a question or sing a song. The children were so behaved that it was hard to choose the most reverent ones. I think the children enjoyed my little sharing time lesson. If you ever need a sharing time lesson, visit the website and you will be all set.


Jamie said...

What a fun idea. Very cute. Thanks for the web-site info.

Amber said...

I am so glad that you blogged about the website. I am in primary also and have to do two sharing time lessons next month, so that will come in handy. Thanks for the tip!