Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New addition to Eli's room

I added the lamp which has been in our basement for many years. It definitely needed some dusting. I'll have to put some cute decor on the lamp shelfs.

My sister Cassie gave me the shadow box and I've had the sign since my baby shower. Also, I added the command hooks which work really well.

Here is where the new decor is located in case you have been inside Eli's room.

Overall, I love his room. Before Eli came along I hated this extra room but now I am a huge fan. I'm so glad we painted it blue. I'm sure I'll update his room again so stay tuned.

1 comment:

Lytles said...

I like the lamp! It looks great. I would move the shadow box to the middle of the plaque and put one hat on each side of the box. Also move the shadow box a few inches up. It would look even better if you added a few more hats. I have a BYU hat you can have and maybe a snow hat.