Monday, March 21, 2011

72 Hour kit for baby


So, I finally started putting together a 72 hour kit for Elijah. I will also post this on my Sweetly Made (Just for you) blog next week. I started doing a new series called, "Sweetly Organize IT." Check it out HERE if you are interested. I will post something new each week. Anyway, if you are a new mommy, here is a list of the things to make a 72 hour survival kit.

First, I used the baby bag the Hospital gave me before Adrian and I took Elijah home for the first time. Try and find things around the house first and then buy a few items each week. I found most of the items and then went to Wal-mart and found some pretty sweet deals.

1-Goods for cleaning-Travel baby soap, lotion, Desatin or other diaper rash cream, baby powder, travel pack of wipes and a pack of wash rags.

2-More baby care items and first aid-sunblock, hand sanitizer, tissues (I put in boogie wipes), basic first aid kit, instant cold compresses (still need to get), baby ibuprofin and handwarmers ($1 for two/pack at Target's dollar section). I also added a Shout wipe (which I got for free), nose syringe (I have tons that I got from the hospital), surgical scrub and a cottonelle pack. Use those coupons because sometimes you can score things for free if you buy it in the travel items section. Also, if you go to the What a Woman wants show, you can score a lot of things for free such as hand sanitizer (shown below-Media one) or a fun frisbee. Be on the lookout for free items. They come in handy for these kits.

3-Comfort items-a few small toys, pacifiers (if your baby needs it), two blankets, burp rags, baby sling.

4-Feeding-3 bottles (fill them with purified water to provide extra drinking water in your kit), bowls with lids, spoons, formula (enough for three days-the ready made kind is perfect so you don't have to use a bottle), 4-6 water bottles and 3-6 jars of baby food (depending on age). I also added a couple of bibs.

5- Clothes-socks, hat, 2 jammies (I found these two jammies recently at Wal-mart-$1 each in the clearance section), onesie, mittens. Remember as you swap out their closets to put in the next size of clothes, to do the same for the survival kit. Put all of the clothes in a zip lock bag to eliminate extra space.

6-Diapers-You will need about 21 diapers. I also included a couple of burp rags, and a couple of trash bags for the dirty diapers.

7-Name tag/Emergency card-Lastly, add a name tag for the bag as well as a list of emergency contacts just in case. I know we have phone numbers programmed in our cell phone but my memory isn't brilliant so I added a card just in case.

Good luck and let me know how it goes. I wouldn't wait too long to get your baby a kit. You never know if you need it. I'm going to put the kit in my car so I'll be ready if I need it.

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Cathy said...

What a great idea! Your dad just said, "aren't my daughters so smart & clever!"