Friday, January 6, 2012

Our little adventures in California

We went to the Ronald Regan Library. I especially loved the Christmas trees for each decade.

Eli loved being on the horse.

My dad took Eli on a train ride in Simi Valley.

We also went on the merry go round on the Santa Monica Pier. We had a lot of fun shopping in 3rd Street.

We also went to the Noah's Ark Museum. It was pretty amazing! There were so many hands on activities. The best part was the elevator ride. We were trying to get to 1R. We got off on the wrong level, got back on. Then the elevator went down to the bottom, went back to the wrong level we were on before. Finally we made it to 1R to find out it was only a few steps above the wrong level we went on twice. Hilarious!

This was Eli's favorite part. He took all of the animals out and played with them for a long time.

Yes, we climbed up with Eli. It was pretty crazy.

Overall, our trip to California was a blast except for the fact that Eli threw up on the way and Adrian hit something (we still aren't sure what he hit). I am thankful we were able to spend some quality time with my parents and with Ryan's family.


Tonya said...

Thank you for entering my Dayspring giveaway and following my blog. I love that Noah's Ark--very cool.

Anonymous said...

Cool Photos