Sunday, October 25, 2009

Witches Ball

On October 20th I went to my Relief Society's Witches Brew. It was absolutely amazing! There were tons of witches that you were able to judge. Also, there were many desserts that you could choose as "best tasting" or "best presentation." I thought my graveyard should have won but apparently the eyeballs won. Adrian even helped me decorate the Reynolds cemetery. Oh well! They also had a couple guessing games- Halloween jars and a jar of taffys. I guessed 152 and there were 162. I'm good! However, Lori guessed 153 but since she won another prize she gave it me the prize since I was so close. Thanks Lori! Also, there was a light dinner and time for crafts. I did the Boo and Give Thanks signs. Overall, I think the Relief Society presidency did an awesome job. Thanks for the fun evening.

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Mary said...

I personally think your "graveyard" should have won. Too cute!