Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Boutique

Come support Sweetly Made (Just for you) at Bonneville Junior High School's Fall Boutique October 19-23rd. The Boutique will be on tables in the faculty lounge room. It is from 8-3pm everyday. I will be selling a few of my baby beanies, Christmas stockings, baby booties, and flower clips. The boutique will be located at 5330 S 1660 E, Holladay UT 84117. Since I work full time, I won't be there but my adorable items will. Payments will be delivered through Krista Kent (School Counselor). You could even pick up one of my brand new business cards. Hope you can make it!


the Roberts said...

I love that you are selling your stuff. I don't think I would ever have something that sellable. I guess I worry, that if I tried to sell something, it might just take the fun out of making it.

Not that I really made my blog as a business or anything, but it is surprisingly getting a lot of hits I will advertise your "sweetly made" for anyone that happens to google into my blog.

i can carry all the shopping bags and the babies too. said...

What are you selling?