Thursday, June 4, 2009

New bedroom look

Yes, it was about time to change the look to our love seat in our bedroom. When we were first married, our home teacher gave us this cute little love seat but the fabric was yellow with flowers (picture above of the pillow, no picture of the love seat, sorry). Yuck! We didn't care too much since we didn't have any other furniture (besides a desk) in our front room. I know...what were we thinking? Well, we didn't have money five years ago. It was time for a change! We went to bed bath and beyond and bought the sure fit furniture cover. It was perfect! I added a couple of pillows, a candle, a cute engagement picture and a mirror. Now, our bedroom looks ten times better just because the love seat is covered. It is weird how one little detail makes a huge difference. Well, I felt like one productive and creative wife. Go me!

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