Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Christine!

My high school friends and I got together last weekend to celebrate Christine's (the blond next to me) 31st birthday. Christine drove all the way from California to visit us. It was awesome! We all got together at Liberty Park (including our hubby's/families) and had a little BBQ. It was so fun to see my good friends from high school. Oh the memories and fun times that we had.... I especially enjoyed it because Adrian was able to meet my girls from the good ole' days. I love them all!

Christine-I'll start with the birthday queen. I have known Christine since about fifth grade and didn't become good friends till high school. I love how she always has something to say. She has a strong opinion about anything and anyone. She is also one of my hero's. She has struggled a lot but has remained strong through it all. I believe it has made her a stronger woman. I'm so grateful for her. Thanks for always listening to me when I had problems of my own. You are a true friend.

Dia-I love her cute personality (one with the red hair). She is about three months pregnant and is still cute as can be. She has a great sense of style and has awesome dance moves. She is also a great listener and has always been kind to me. She also has a remarkable talent with the harp. Wow! You are awesome Dia.

Stephanie-She is one hilarious woman! I love her! But, apparently I make her laugh even when I don't say anything. I don't get it! She also has an awesome personality. She makes friends with everyone. Whenever you feel down, she is there to pick you up with her funny jokes. Watch out, she may embarrass you but it is all for fun. Also, she can surprise you with her wicked dance moves. It has been awhile since we hit the dance scene but I'm sure she still can do the hustle.

We have a great time when we all get together. We will have to have a girls night out next time Christine is in town.

You girls are the best! Happy birthday Christine!


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

What a nice post about your great friends.

Stephanie said...

We had such a great time! It was great to finally meet Adrian. We definitely need a girls night soon!!!