Sunday, October 19, 2008

One fine day!

My day started when I ran in the morning. I'm on my fourth week and it is starting to get a little hard but very rewarding. Then it was off to Brighton's bridal shower with Cassie and Tiffany. It sure is harder with two babies. We were about an hour late because one baby needed feeding, and we needed to pick up Grandma's gift. Oh well! We made our grand entrance. Congrats Brighton for finding your one true love. Jordan seems like a great catch. I'm so happy for you! Sorry that we won't be able to attend your wedding. We will be in California for our Thanksgiving break. Afterwards, Adrian and I went to Zupas with Clint and Chelsea. Chelsea is one of Adrian's accounting friends. I loved Zupas. I had a berry salad and the lobster bisque. Delicious! They also give you some bread and a chocolate covered strawberry. Then we headed to the movies to see Eagle Eye. Great movie! Very intriguing. Then it was a night of DDR (dance dance revolution). Clint was actually pretty good and Chelsea beat one of my high scores. Adrian and I will need some practice. Overall, it was one fine day to say the least. Thanks friends for making it a spectacular day.


Amber said...

You have to love some DDR! I was thinking about you when we were in Michigan; I remembered that you had served your mission in Detroit. We'll let you know when we find out if Noel got accepted there.

Mandy said...

Looks like a really fun time! You gals are all so dang cute together :)

Mary said...

I can't keep track of all your sibling's children anymore!

That sounds like a really fun date night. When do we get to do that with you guys?