Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Date Night

Last night, Adrian and I went to the PWC Halloween party in Orem for our date night. The party was in a barn and there were tons of things to do. The activites were mostly for the children but we still had a blast. We got to make caramel apples which was Adrian's favorite treat. My favorite part was when Adrian won this giant glass jar filled with candy. He had to guess how many fireballs were in the jar. I think my luck is rubbing off on other people. I almost won another prize-I was only three off but someone else was closer to the actual number. Oh well! It was just funny to see how Adrian was securely holding the jar like it was his prized possession. He was quite proud of winning! It was cute! I also got to hold Cameron and Erin's baby Claire so that was fun. She is such a good baby. The funny part was at the end when the owners told everyone that they could take as much candy home that they could find. I took a few extra pieces and a few small pumpkins. Now we are set for our own trick or treaters next week. I can't wait to see how many kids come to our neighborhood. My favorite part of Halloween is seeing the children's cute costumes. Thanks Adrian for the fun date night. Happy Halloween!


Jamie said...

Very fun date night! You two are very cute.

Amber said...

How fun! If I had won that jar of it would most likely be consumed by now. :)

Mandy said...

This sounds like such a fun date night! I love the candy jar idea :)