Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5 Things

5 shows I love to watch . . .
1-Greys Anatomy
3-American Idol
4-CSI Special Victims Unit
5-I love Lucy

5 favorite resturaunts . . .
1-Miceli's (They have waiters and waitresses who sing to everyone. It is a very fun environment.)
2-Bombay House (Indian Restaurant here in Utah-Yummy!)
3-Rain Forest Cafe
4-Brown Derby (MGM in Florida)
5-Macaroni Grill

5 things that happened yesterday . . .
1-I ran an extra repetition on the Alta View High School track due to the small crowd that motivated me.
2-Adrian and I made dinner together.
3-I did a lot of things for my co-workers because I was all caught up on my work. Hurray!
4-I continued to knit a christmas stocking for a co-worker's daughter
5-I woke up.

5 things I look forward to . . .
1-Getting pregnant
2-A finished basement
3-Moving to either London or California
4-Thanksgiving break
5-Um...having children. Did I mention that already?? It is just something I really want at this time in my life.

5 things on my wish list . . .
1-A baby
2-To feel content with my life
3-To have lots and lots of money
4-To have a gospel centered family
5-To travel around the world with my honey


Miss Heather said...

Someone wants a baby... :)

Jamie said...

Fun Emilee. Hey, and I bet you will run a marathon one day. I can see you doing it.