Friday, June 6, 2008

Things to know about Emilee

Ashley tagged me and asked me to share 5-10 things about myself with everyone. So here we go...

1-I love to knit christmas stockings. It is my absolute favorite thing to do. I can't watch television without having two knitting needles and some yarn. It's impossible! Well, sometimes when Adrian and I are watching a movie together, I won't knit so we can turn off the lights and cuddle. So romantic!

I learned how to knit from my grandma and once I got it down, I couldn't stop. I love it! I also have my own knitting blog and will soon sell some stockings on It will be called Sweetly Made (Just for you).

2-I belong to a Book Club. It is called the Reading Gals. We read one book a month and then talk about it via internet. I also read other books in my spare time. It is my second favorite hobby as of now. Once we have children, it will be a little harder to have the time but I do want to continue.

3-I love to exercise! Adrian bought me a workout step so I can exercise at home since I quit 24 hour fitness. Sorry Ashley! I wasn't going and thought it would be beneficial to save some money. So now I get other exercise dvds at the library so I have a variety. It is way fun!

4-I love watching any romantic film. I do like the "happily ever after" films unlike my sister n law, Ashley. Adrian watches a few with me but doesn't like any film that has to do with Amanda Bynes or Lyndsey Lohan. I can't get enough!

5-I hate being the youngest. Sometimes it is nice to see the mistakes of others and learn from them but it seems that I am in the slow lane when it comes to any life changing experience. I guess it pays to be patient.

6-I love eating at new and exciting restaurants. For example, Ruby's (Austin, TX), Mayan (Sandy, UT), Maceli's (CA), Rain Forest Cafe, and the Brown Derby (FL). I love fun atmospheres and delicious food. I also like to be entertained while I eat.

Enough said...these are things about me! I tag Mindy, Laura, Mandy, Amy, Amber, Stephanie, Kathryn, Cerra, Becky, and Kristyn. Good luck!

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