Monday, June 9, 2008

Primary Excitement

I'm starting to think that my calling as a CTR 5 teacher is a joke on me. It is very challenging especially when the children don't listen to me. I wish Adrian could teach with me. It sure would be a lot easier with a helping hand. Last Sunday my children were wild and crazy. First, Savannah forgot her underwear so I had to make sure she kept her dress down. Also, Shane couldn't sit still. I wanted to just hold him on my lap but he kept moving around. Then he bonked my nose with his head and that hurt. I'm glad my nose didn't start bleeding. I kept putting him on his chair like Nanny 911 had mentioned (consistency is the key) but he wanted to be held. Then he kept kicking my legs (not on purpose but just because he was restless). I did have a lot of help from the Primary board so that was nice. I had four children in the beginning but by the time class started, I had two. I guess it wasn't that bad but I was so tired afterwards. I hope our children arn't crazy. I do love children but not when they are acting up.

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Stephanie said...

Good luck with your new calling! 4 and 5 year olds can be a hand full!