Monday, May 12, 2008

Survivor Micronesia-Fans vs Favorites

I watched the season finale of Survivor Micronesia-Fans vs Favorites last night. I was a little disappointed because I wanted Amanda to win but Parvati won the jury votes. It sure was a good season. There were a lot of blindsides and the women were brutal. I loved it! I love all of the challenges. I have been a fan of survivor for many seasons and wish I could have the chance to be on it. However, it would be one difficult adventure. I think I'll just watch the show as long as Adrian doesn't mind. He has not been a fan of survivor because he thinks I love the show more than him. Funny Adrian! He does watch a little with me and really gets into it but then he remembers that he hates the show and leaves. It is pretty funny. Anyway, the next survivor show takes place in Gabon Africa so it will be fun to see what Jeff Probst has in store. I can't wait!


Mandy said...

I don't watch survivor, but i still support you in your fanhood... And I am going to try and call you back soon, with the time difference I am almost never home (or awake) at the same time you are. That's what happens when you teach Cemetery...I mean Seminary.

Stephanie said...

I don't watch Survivor regularly but when I do I really like it. That's so funny that Adrian does that with your show because Ian does the same thing when I'm watching my shows.