Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2-2 Dentist Appointment

I went to my second dentist appointment yesterday. I can officially say that I have no cavities. This time wasn't as bad as the first appointment but I did wait an hour before the dentist saw me. I was able to watch a few shows including Oprah, How to loose a guy in ten days, take home chef, and mindless commercials. I was very relaxed till he gave me two shots. Yuck! I was numb till about eight and Adrian didn't even make fun of me. Also, he made me some scrambled eggs for dinner. I wanted Jamba Juice but he didn't know how to get there. Can you tell that I am the main driver in the relationship? Oh well, he will definitely be the main driver in England so I shouldn't complain. I am glad to say that my dentist appointments are done for now. Hopefully I won't get anymore cavities in the near future.

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