Friday, June 10, 2011

First train ride

Yes, it's true! I took Eli on his first train ride and we TOTALLY matched. Arn't we cute or what? I've been meaning to take him on the train ride at the sandy mall but I can't justify the $3. And, that is only for me. Of course Eli is free till he turns 1 so that may give me a reason to take him.

Anyway, we went with the Lytles to This is the place today and it was fantastic. First, it was a free day so we went early so we could get there before the mad dash of Utahns. Then, we made it up the steep hill to ride the train. We didn't ride it once...we rode it twice. It was fabulous! Then, we ate our free icecream cones. And, no I didn't give Eli any. I'm waiting till his 1st birthday which is less than a month away. Oh my! I can't believe how old he is.

Overall, it was really fun! I will definitely be going next year and maybe a little earlier so I could take Eli on the pony ride. Wahoo!

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