Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crib fun and bite marks

Isn't he cute when he sleeps?

I love how his little foot was sticking out of his crib. I love those tiny toes!

He is growing so much! He loves to stand and wait for me to get him from his nap/sleep.

Yippee! Bite marks! We are so thrilled that he has learned how to bit each side of his crib. Way to go bud!


Ty and Whitty said...

Oh my heavens what a cute little guy. Thank you so much for entering the giveaway Good luck. Also my sister's name is spelled the same way I LOVE it so fun and different :)

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Lytles said...

I love how Eli's foot is sticking out of the crib! Good luck with the biting.

DIY said...

Kennedee did this (bite marks), but not tay. See you soon.