Friday, June 3, 2011

1st Birthday Invite

Eli was invited to his first birthday party! It was a joint birthday party for Becca and Catelyn McDaniel at Chuck E Cheese. The theme was "farm animal." Tiffany put together the coolest goody bags. Thanks again! I think I was more excited than Eli but I'm sure that will change later on. Or will it... Anyway, we had a blast! The only downside was that most of the rides didn't have a seat belt. Are you kidding me? So, I think I liked the clock ride the best because he was strapped in and I could actually take photos of Eli. Yes, it is ALL about the photos. Well, it sure was fun.

Next, it will be Eli's first birthday and guess where it will be???

Oh, I am so excited. We are finally going on a vacation to...

Newport Beach, California

Oh, how I miss Cali.

Well, it will be fun and my entire family will be there (sadly not Adrian's family but we will think of them).

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