Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it's true! It was my birthday yesterday and it was fabulous. First, I woke up to breakfast in bed or in other words a shake that Adrian brought me and I happened to be in bed. It was cute and I appreciated the thought. Then Eli and I went to American Fork to eat at Rubios with Cassie, Claire, Emily, Jessica and Jaden. I actually had the fish taco this time and it was delicious. Then we headed over to Cassie's home so I could get my makeup done by her friend Dawn. Let me tell you a little about Dawn Weidauer. To me, she is a super star because she did Stephanie Meyer's makeup as well as Phi's makeupl from Modern Family. Check out her blog HERE. If you haven't seen Modern Family, I suggest that you do. It is hilarious and I am a huge Phil fan. He also lives in Salt Lake City so maybe I'll bump into him someday. Ha ha!

I hung out with Cassie for several hours which was perfect because it is always fun to be around others on your birthday. Cassie gave me a 2 year subscription to Family Fun magazine, carrot cake (my favorite) and a $10 Golden Spoon coupon. Wahoo! That was an awesome gift! Then, I cruised home to meet Adrian. We drove to Fashion Place and went to Banana Republic (our favorite shop especially when Karen-our fabulous "what not to wear" stylist) where they were having a 25% off evening. We also had a couple of gift cards to use. I found the perfect black pants. They are AWESOME and very comfortable! Perfect for summer because they are light weight and feel as if I'm wearing exercise pants. I love them! I also purchased a few shirts. We bought dinner at Panda Express, fed Eli and put him to bed. I have been pretty strict on his bedtime-7pm.

Finally, I was able to open all of my wonderful cards and gifts. I ended up getting money (thanks mom/dad and Melanie/Stefan-WOW) and a Camcorder from Adrian. I wasn't expecting anything and he said there is more coming in the mail. I guess I didn't expect anything because I have everything that I need-a family who loves me, a cute son and friends who I can lean on. I also received several fun birthday phone calls throughout the day (my parents who celebrated my birthday with me as they were in NYC), facebook messages, a mini bundt cake and chocolate. Wow! I really was spoiled yesterday. Thank you everyone for thinking of me on my special day. It meant a lot that you all cared! Thanks again!

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Lytles said...

What a fun day! I'm glad I got to spend the day with you!