Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Decorating for St. Patty's day

A little leprechaun came and decorated our home for St. Patrick's day. was me acting like a leprechaun. I even ironed which NEVER happens. I didn't want a wrinkled table cloth. I felt so creative especially since I had all of the decorations. I grabbed all of my green and gold supplies and got to work. I know it isn't Martha Stewart but it didn't cost me a cent except for the sign that I got from Walgreens. I love the Subway art found HERE.
Hopefully, Adrian likes it. He isn't too fond of the holiday so we shall see what he thinks of my awesome decorating skills. Yes, I am officially a homemaker. I enjoy decorating and rearranging our home. If you have some decorating tips, I would love to hear about them. Happy St. Patty's day!


Lytles said...

I like it! Way to go homemaker sis.

Love doesn't make the world... said...

Cute! Cute! I'm sure Adrian will love it!

the Roberts said...

you are your mother's daughter!!!!!!!!!!