Monday, March 22, 2010

Another dog story...

So, I went walking with Emily last Saturday and to our surprise we had a visitor follow us. This golden retriever found his way out of his cage and started following us on our walk. He was very happy to be "free" and just wanted to play. We didn't know who he belonged to so we kept walking. Well, he made it to 106th, looked both ways and ran across the busy street. I felt awful! We couldn't just leave him to wander so I ran (with my heavy belly) across the street and tried to get him to come to me. He decided to go out in the road and onto 13th East. Yikes! There were many cars honking and letting others know a dog was loose. These people probably thought this dog was mine and I was a horrible owner (which wasn't true at all). So finally Max came to me and I didn't let go of his collar. Oh boy! He walked faster than me. We took him to Emily's and tried to call the number on his collar. We actually found out he belonged to a ward member so I got in touch and let them know we had their dog. We tried to get the dog in the car so we could drive him back to his home but he refused. How does a dog refuse to go on a joy ride in the car? Well, he was pretty smart. I guess he wasn't done with his walk so we took him back to his home. That was one exciting adventure! At least it was good practice for the mother's to be.

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