Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ladies Night Out

I probably have way too many Lady night outs but they are too fun to resist. This time I went to Deseret Book and invited my sister Tiffany. Tawnya and Alyssa also joined us as we waited for Ladies Night to begin. Of course I was one of the first 100 women so I got a cute wooden frame. Then the drawings began. There weren't as many women as last year so I was surprised that I was the only one from my group who won a prize. I won a book called, The Hidden Christ which I am excited to read. I also saw women from my ward so it was fun to catch up. Overall, it was a fun night. Thanks Tiff for coming this year. See you all next time!


Lytles said...

What a cute sign! I love that quote!

the Roberts said...

Free stuff, free stuff, how do you always do it.
I LOVE making gift tags, food tags or even a business card. I have some way cute backgrounds, but if I emailed them to you, then the resolution would be bad. So maybe over Christmas, I can bring my laptop and we can make a design very orignal and unique to you. Hey, email me about your current status with 'you know what'......that's if you want to.