Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top 10 Reasons why Family Reunions should NOT occur during Adrian's Busy Season

10) Busy season is in winter. Winter snows. Adrian hates snow.
9) Adrian's car hates snow too--especially when roads are steep and slippery and his engine starts to smell like fire.
8) Winter is cold season. Kids get colds. Kids infect everything and everyone. Adrian is not an exception.
8) Everyone else can relax and enjoy each other's company. Adrian can freak out about his workload.
6) Adrian loves to complain, and this provides more ammunition. He doesn't need any more ammunition. Trust us on this.
5) Adrian loves to make Emilee freak out too. She doesn't love to freak out.
4) Adrian gets to make up for some lost time at the weekend during the following week. Yay! He really likes adding to an already long 12 hour day.
3) Adrian gets really sick, courtesy of kids, but this is busy season, so he can't take time off. Adrian loves to be sick at work.
2) Adrian freaks out even more, because he's now getting further and further behind at work. He gets worse and finally gets sent home early (at 5pm--gotta' love getting to leave early)
1) Emilee got more upset because Adrian got sick at a bad time, and she didn't give him the TLC he wanted. This made Adrian sad.

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the Roberts said...

I'm really glad you guys were able to come by. I was really happy that you were able to stay longer than I thought you would be able. I know that this must have been frustrating considering how crazy this time is for an accountant. I hope you know that the biggest concern for a reunion was that MOm and Dad were REALLY expecting one, but that money was a HUGE concern for layoffs and rough economic times and this was the Only time we could have gotten a FREE place to stay. You guys are so great to sacrifice in order to attend the reunion. I wish I got to actually spend more time with the 2 of you. WHen you get that many people together, you don't get time for everyone. Next time we see you, I hope we can spend good one on one time together and next time we have a reunion, we'll have to make it more accomodating for EVERYONE. Hopefully this economy will turn around. We love you guys and again, I'm sad we didn't get to talk much this weekend.