Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Reynolds Academy Awards Party

Since we don't live in California and can't attend the popular Roberts Academy Awards party, we decided that we should have our very own Academy Awards evening. We invited a few people from work and church. There were prizes (Scor, popcorn and good n plenty, munch n crunch, people magazine, and an Orlando Bloom pez dispenser-very cool) for Oscar bingo and the Oscar ballot. We also served a special dinner (read the other blog for more details). Overall, the Academy Awards rocked this year. Hugh Jackman did a fabulous job as the host and I was surprised by the different acts he performed. Outstanding performance! I was thrilled that Slumdog Millionaire won for best picture-what an amazing film. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it. I was also excited that Kate Winslet won for best actress and Heath Ledger for best supporting actor. Besides the personal and political speeches that Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black made regarding their movie, Milk I thoroughly enjoyed the Oscars show. Loved it! At the end, some of the 2009 movies were shown that may or may not win an Oscar for next year. Way cool! Can't wait till next year for our 2nd annual Academy Awards party. Hopefully, I'll have a red carpet next time.


Tami said...

It looks like it was such a fun night. You're just so much fun Emilee! I remember guessing who was going to win when we were roomies :)

The Lytles said...

Looks like you had a great time! Fun times with friends, games and prizes!

Jamie said...

So much fun! I wish I lived in Utah, just so I could come to your party. What a great idea. I hadn't realized you had been posting so much lately. I am all caught up though now, and I loved seeing all of your fun pictures and reading about what is going on in your life. I can tell that you really enjoy life, and I love it.