Thursday, February 26, 2009

Girls Night Out

I had a "girls night out" at The Cheesecake Factory last night. It had been a long time since I'd seen my High School buds so I was excited to finally spend time with Stephanie, Christine, and Dia. Steph brought some fun and goofy pictures of our past together. We also had a great time catching up with all of the current events of our lives. Steph was her crazy self as usual and tried to set Christine up with the waiter. Poor Christine was a tad bit sick so she wasn't up to giving the poor guy her digits. Oh well! The food was superb! I might be allergic to something I ate because my month suddenly got bigger and I couldn't quite talk. Serves me right for making fun of my friend, Josh's food allergy (lettuce). I still think it is a bit odd, yet funny. Karma, karma, karma! Well, it sure was fun hanging out with my high school friends. Thanks for an eventful evening girls! We will need to do it more often now that some of us live in Utah. Thanks again! Love ya!

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Stephanie said...

The best part of the night was when you kept putting her hand on my thigh. I had so much fun with you guys and we'll have to hang out again sometime soon. What ever happened to your lip?