Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Salt Lake Bee's Game

I went to the Salt Lake Bee's game on June 14th to celebrate Flag day. I went with Laura and Rusty and another couple. I had a blast except my better half wasn't there to enjoy it with me. He was actually in New York City. His flight was six hours delayed so he was not a happy camper. After the Salt Lake Bee's beat the Las Vegas 51's 6-4, we watched an incredible firework show. It had to be one of the top firework shows I've ever seen. Oh by the way, I didn't take this photo since Adrian had my digital camera. I used my old school camera but the employees from Wallgreens said that the film was empty. I probably lost all of my pictures. I'll post more pictures if they turn out. Anyway, thanks for inviting me Laura and Rusty! I had a fun time.

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Cerra Hawkins said...

I never would have imagined that a picture of a baseball stadium would be beautiful, but this picture is! Wow. It's almost perfectly centered with the batter making the diamond like a sunset - with how they groomed the field. Then behind it, there is a wonderful picture of the mountains, a rainbow, and the sky. It's very aesthetically pleasing. Who would have thunk?... Is this what it looked like while you were there?