Thursday, May 1, 2008

Laffy Taffy

Our receptionist, Stephanie, has a candy jar filled with Laffy Taffy and all sorts of fun candy. Each piece of Laffy Taffy candy has two jokes. Today, I grabbed a banana Laffy Taffy and read the jokes. I couldn't stop laughing! It was hilarious. Most of the jokes are very clever but some are reallly lame. Today the jokes are... Why did the skeleton go to the movies by himself? And... What does a bee sit on?

Wait for it.....

He had no body to go with him.

His Bee-Hind (Behind)

Thanks Wonka for making me laugh!


Stephanie said...

Those jokes are pretty clever. I need to teach Eva some new jokes because she tells me the same knock knock joke all the time. It is pretty funny though.

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Too FUNNY! What's really funny and random is the fact that I was eating some laffy taffy's today with my girls. We were having a great time:) Didn't we use the word random on the mission?