Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Adrian

Happy 30th Birthday, Adrian! We celebrated a day early because Adrian had to leave early Monday morning. I woke up at 6am to decorate our kitchen table. Then I went back to bed and waited till Adrian woke me up. After he woke me up I went downstairs to grab a couple presents. He opened his cards, gift from his mother and two gifts from me. I gave him an Athlete cd, socks, and the Juno dvd. He gave me a look that said, "Um, what else?" So I simply said, "Okay, lets go downstairs." I had another gift for him on the table. He opened it and it was Dance, dance revolution. I think he was a little confused because he didn't see any other gifts on the table. So I pulled the XBox 360 from under the table and said, "Happy Birthday." I think he was pretty excited. He has been a little sick so he didn't show any emotion. I had planned to get him the XBox 360 since January so I was glad the day finally arrived. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I love you Adrian! Thanks for being my English Mexican. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Amber said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday, Adrian!