Saturday, June 9, 2012

Animal week

Eli and I went to the library to see the Pony Petting Zoo and then we went to This is the Place Heritage Park.
We had a lot of fun yet it was exhausting for mommy.

Library-Pony Petting Zoo

We rode the big train several times as well as the little train.

Tiff, Catelyn and Becca eating their free icecream. Yum!

We also rode the fire truck.

Becca was such a great older cousin to Eli.

Eli loved the animals especially the goats. I took a ton of photos and a video.

I finally took a photo of Eli smiling.

Overall, it was fun. I think I'll wait to go to Disneyland till Eli is three or four. It was exhausting following him around, pushing the stroller up all of the hills but it was nice to get in for free.

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