Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crayola fun

I had the opportunity of reviewing My First Crayola products. I posted it on my other blog.

I received ALL of this so I decided to share it with our friends, Emily and Jaymeson.

On Monday, Eli and I went over to Emily's home. She provided some Crayola paints and window crayons. WAY COOL!

This was Eli's first time with paint. He got pretty messy but no worries...oh wait...I am a worry wart.
He was happy...I kept grabbing towels...but he was happy. It was washable so that was an added bonus.

Jaymeson loved the Crayola stampers. They literally were the coolest to him.

Eli just loved painting with his fingers. So fun!

Overall, it was a fun day with our friends. After, we blew up a pool (yes by ourselves, no machine involved) and they had a pool party. What a fun day...until Eli's meltdown. Then it was time to go.

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